New National Treasure 2 Trailer

This movie (much like the first one) looks to be just a fun adventure movie that you can take the whole family to. It's in the genre that I tend to cut some slack to because it's obviously kind of "light and fluffy" and while delivering some action and thrills it obviously doesn't take itself too seriously. Just seriously enough to keep you in the movie, but knowing the whole time that it's winking at the audience.

Anyway, check out the trailer and let us know what you think:

There seems to be some anticipation for this one, no doubt due to the fact that the first one wasn't bad and that parents crave a non-animated, non-single-dad-raising-his-daughter-comedy that they can take their kids to.

For higher res versions of this footage go to Yahoo! Movies.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets opens on December 21st.

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