New Mutants Was Influenced By The Shining & Cuckoo's Nest

The New Mutants will shake things up for the superhero genre, if the X-Men spinoff movie's influences are anything to go by. With the first teaser for The New Mutants promising a horror film set in a world of mutants, fans are ready for a Logan-like deviation from the typical comic book film. The movie was all set to come out this April as the first of three X-Men films in 2018, before Fox changed their X-Men release dates and pushed New Mutants back to February 2019.

Part of the reason for the move is that the international theatrical run of The New Mutants would have overlapped with Deadpool 2. It has also been reported that The New Mutants is going to be made scarier by way of reshoots, in order to further play up the horror aspect of the film. Hopefully, the changes and delay will lead to a more terrifying and interesting film - possibly even akin to some prestigious predecessors.

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The latest issue of Empire Magazine features a spotlight on The New Mutants (likely planned before the release date changed), with the magazine speaking to director Josh Boone about the conceptual spin on the superhero genre. According to Boone, the film will be the "hardest PG-13 ever made" thanks to the horror elements and emotional stress at the heart of the film. As such, the influences for the movie were far from both standard horror and comic book fare:

"Fox wanted something very far from a typical X-Men movie. But I can't believe what they let us do. We pitched The Shining meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's very... out there."

While The Shining is certainly a horror film, it bears more in common with a psychological thriller - though admittedly one with supernatural elements. And despite the film's focus on visuals over character development, the Stephen King book it was based upon deals heavily with the mental and emotional state of its protagonist. Add in the isolation and almost demonic presence of the hotel itself, and it's not hard to see how The New Mutants will take a cue from The Shining.

As for the other Jack-Nicholson-starring film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest similarly deals with mental illness, a singular location, and some nefarious forces. Given how critically acclaimed both films (and the books they're based on) are, it's no surprise Fox was pleased with this approach. Logan proved the studio was willing to take a tonal risk with one of their mutant properties, and it seems Fox wants to continue this tact with smaller films while the X-Men and Deadpool franchises strive for bigger returns.

While the wait will be a bit longer, it sounds as if The New Mutants should be worth it.

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Source: Empire Magazine

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