New Mutants Will Have Connections to Main X-Men Movies

The New Mutants director Josh Boone confirms that his X-Men spinoff movie will connect to the main films, he just can't say how.

Director Josh Boone confirmed The New Mutants will have connections to the main X-Men movies, but how and what those are he won't say. Twentieth Century Fox is moving full steam ahead with their X-Men universe, with a renewed focus on expanding their comic book movie world beyond the main Professor X and Magneto stories. While those films have continued on for nearly two decades, it has been with the studio's spinoffs that Fox has found the most success.

Following in the footsteps of Deadpool and Logan, next up the studio will bring a new young group of heroes into their universe with The New Mutants. Featuring a group of mutants that have (mostly) not been seen before - with the lone exception being Sunspot's minor role in X-Men: Days of Future Past - Fox is taking the "superhero genre" into the horror realm.

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Even though the tone may not be in line with other X-Men films, that decision was made by design to make each film distinct. While they may not all use the same tone or rating, they are all still part of one connected universe. Josh Boone, the film's director, confirmed that to be the case in an interview with IGN, but he isn't ready to reveal just how these connections will happen.

I can't... there's some things I can't talk about. I can just say it is connected to and a part of the X-Men universe, and will continue to be a part of the X-Men universe and will be a part of that as it opens up in the next movies and all that.

In each of their previous standalone films, they have been easily identifiable as being part of the X-Men universe. Whether it was Deadpool visiting the X-Mansion or Logan starring two of the franchise's biggest stars, Fox makes it clear that these are part of the same universe, no matter how different they may be to one another. New Mutants may prove to be the true test as the trailer does not feature any big connections to the rest of the universe, so this may be an example of Fox showing restraint and keeping things connected, while not forcing in a Deadpool appearance for example.

The trailer already names drops "mutants," and as the new heroes learn more about their abilities, the term will most likely continue to pop up over the course of the film. That said, Boone's caginess may be a sign that there are bigger things in store for the spinoff in terms of the connections it will have. There have been no reports of major characters cameoing in the film, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Even if potential connections don't come in the form of character crossovers, referencing events or visiting other locations could certainly be in the cards. Since Boone's tease is so vague, it truly is up for debate just how connected The New Mutants will be to the larger universe, and thankfully there's only six months left until everyone gets to see.

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Source: IGN

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