Wolfsbane's Dark Past Looms Over New Mutants

Two mysterious teasers have arrived for New Mutants, hinting at the dark past of the characters. While New Mutants filmed at the same time as Deadpool 2, little was leaked about the movie's production during that time. It wasn't until the trailer for New Mutants dropped that fans finally got a proper look at the film - a horror movie that takes place almost entirely inside an asylum.

With Josh Boone jumping from The Fault in Our Stars to a full-blown horror film featuring superpowers, New Mutants finds Fox once again breaking new ground with their X-Men movie universe. After the success of Deadpool and Logan, the studio is ready to try yet another bold move by introducing a whole team of relative unknowns and wrapping the film in some serious genre trappings. Those genre elements are also present and accounted for in the latest New Mutants teasers released online.

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The New Mutants Twitter account has released two cryptic teasers for the film, as you can see below. The account has been quiet since the movie's trailer dropped, but it appears that more teasers may be arriving in the foreseeable future.

The sins of our past. #NewMutants

— New Mutants (@NewMutantsFilm) October 13, 2017

Some things can’t be caged. #NewMutants

— New Mutants (@NewMutantsFilm) October 26, 2017

The first video showcases a shadow moving across two crucifixes. The imagery alone evokes a number of modern horror films, something New Mutants looks to heavily borrow from. There's also character significance in the shot. Wolfsbane, aka Rahne Sinclaire, was born to an abusive Presbyterian pastor who regularly blamed Rahne for his sins, beating the child during her youth. This teaser seems to indicate New Mutants won't shy away from Rahne's past, and likely will delve into the dark backstories of the other characters.

The second teaser appears connected to the first. The dead canary show here seemingly alludes to Rahne's isolation and lack of freedom as a child. Given the conditions she looks to be under in the film, it's clear New Mutants won't be letting her outrun her tragedy. The shadow and talk of cages could also hint at Demon Bear.

In the comics, Demon Bear - who is confirmed to serve as the big bad in New Mutants - is a creature that haunts the dreams of Dani Moonstar. Wolfsbane also shared a mental connection to Dani in the comics, so perhaps she will likewise share a connection to Demon Bear in the film. Future New Mutants teasers may shine additional light on these matters.

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Source: New Mutants Twitter Account

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