New Mutants Pitched as Trilogy; Villain Confirmed

New Mutants Brings Aliens into X-Men Movie Universe

Director Josh Boone certainly likes to stay busy, with a plethora of upcoming projects attached to his name in one way or another. From a pair of Stephen King adaptations in the form of Revival and The Stand (the former just cast its lead in the form of Russell Crowe while the latter is apparently delayed) to the upcoming New Mutants adaptation set in the same universe as Fox's X-Men films, The Fault in Our Stars director doesn't like to limit himself to one genre as a filmmaker.

New Mutants, which will be Boone's next project, is expected to start filming in May so it was only a matter of time before more information became available. While fans have been treated to a storyboard video depicting Demon Bear in action, nothing has been completely confirmed regarding the villain's role in the story or just how New Mutants would fit into the X-Men world. New information from the director himself will give fans insight to both of those questions.

While talking to Creative Screenwriting, Boone revealed that when pitching New Mutants to producer Simon Kinsberg, he intended for it to be a trilogy with each film building on the previous entry. He also expressed particular interest in the comic counterpart's run with villain Demon Bear, confirming (along with the storyboard video) that the creature will more than likely play a significant role in the upcoming film. Boone's full thoughts can be read below:

"We had loved this X-Men spinoff, The New Mutants. We had loved Bill Sienkiewicz’s run with Chris Claremont that had Demon Bear. It was really dark, interesting, and different from the typical X-Men stories that we had read.

After I made The Fault in Our Stars, we made Fox a comic book. It walked them through a trilogy of New Mutant films that would build on each other. We used this program called Comic Life, and took all the images we had loved from the series and strung them together to show them the movie we wanted to do.

We brought it to Simon and he really liked it. We’ve been going for the past year and a half to get it ready, and I’m about to go location scout and we have a release date now."

New Mutants lands new writers

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean Demon Bear will be the main antagonist, especially if a trilogy truly is the end goal for Boone. That doesn't exactly mean he won't be a huge part of the New Mutants films either, however. But a major villain behind the scenes, pulling all the strings seems like a safe bet for fans to make.

A trilogy of films definitely makes sense as well, especially given how many stories and characters there are in the New Mutants repertoire, but the fact that Boone pitched the films in comic form is just an added bonus that certainly shows the writer/director's more geek-influenced side. What's also interesting to note is Boone's last little tidbit of information about a release date, possibly referencing the aforementioned May production start date.

While Boone enjoyed critical success with The Fault in Our Stars, there are certainly some fans out there who are a little skeptical given his strictly drama-based filmography. Still, Boone is a fresh voice and his creative style could be just what Fox's comic book franchise needs to launch another successful property with New Mutants.

Source: Creative Screenwriting

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