Warlock & Karma Will Be in New Mutants 2

Warlock and Karma will be two new members of the team in The New Mutants sequel New Mutants 2 according to director Josh Boone. Even before anyone had seen a frame of The New Mutants, the director has been looking at making a trilogy. Boone revealed early on that he pitched a trilogy for his take on one of several X-Men super teams. Before any sequel plans move forward though, the studio still needs the first to be a hit. Based on the early responses to the first teaser trailer for New Mutants, their horror take on superheroes is already catching the attention of many.

To kick off his trilogy plans, Boone will put the new team of mutants in a setting similar to a haunted house - a feeling that is established with ease in the early footage. While their situation may seem dire as of right now, there is no doubt they will eventually be victorious and go on to more adventures. Should that happen, they'll have a few new team members.

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Boone confirmed to IGN that he already has plans for who else will be brought into the fold as these films move forward. Not only did Boone reveal that the group would be expanding in a sequel, but already has a few specific additions for New Mutants 2 in mind.

I will say we're going to introduce new characters in the next movie as well. Characters like Karma and Warlock, and all that will be in future movies.

Warlock of Marvel's X-Men

Boone's confirmation that Warlock is in the plans for the sequel is good news for those that are fans of the character, but also takes away the chance of him appearing in New Mutants. Previous casting rumors sparked speculation that Warlock was going to appear in New Mutants, but that is apparently not the case. Instead, the Technarchy alien who has the ability to transform his body in a variety of ways thanks to his techno-organic DNA will have to wait until the sequel to get to the big screen.

Since Warlock was previously thought to possibly be in the first film, his introduction being part of the plan for the sequel is not terribly surprising. That said, the inclusion of Karma is an exciting name drop from Boone at this point. Karma is the superhero persona of Vietnamese hero Xi'an Coy Manh who has a variety of psionic abilities, including taking control of another person's mind. For a young superhero team that already features a diverse cast, the possibility to further diversify the group with a Vietnamese hero would be a progressive choice by Boone. Not only that, but as a founding member and leader of the New Mutants in the comics, her introduction in the sequel is a no-brainer.

While Boone only name dropped Karma and Warlock in this statement, they may not be the only new additions to the group should this grow into a franchise of its own. Early members like Douglas Ramsey aka Cypher or Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla aka Magma could join as well, not to mention any of the other several members various iterations of the team have had over the years.

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Source: IGN

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