The New Mutants Reshoots Still Haven't Happened & Aren't Planned

Reshoots on Fox's horror X-Men film The New Mutants still have not happened and are not currently planned. Originally set to release at the beginning of 2018, the film was touted as a grounded and scary take on mutants. Fox hired Josh Boone to direct the film and he found a cast full of rising stars, such as Split's Anya Taylor Joy as Magik, Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane, and Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton as Cannonball.

Production went smoothly and a first trailer was even released, but then New Mutants started to unravel just months before it was originally set to hit theaters. Fox delayed the film to almost an entire year to February 2019 in order to make it scarier. Those reshoots were scheduled to take place in the summer of 2018, but failed to happen. Fox eventually delayed New Mutants again till August of this year, giving them more time to work on the film.

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Poducer Simon Kinberg confirmed late last year that the reshoots still haven't happened, and according to a new update from THR, not only are the reshoots for New Mutants still not done four months later, but they are not even currently planned. The report does note that "things seem to be in the hands of Boone." It is unclear if that means it is either his decision to decide whether or not the reshoots happen, his job to figure out the schedule, or simply clarifying that he is still involved with the project at this stage.

There has been no signs of any of the cast members or Boone returning to a New Mutants set for reshoots, so it isn't entirely surprising they haven't happened in secret. But, it is potentially major news if the reshoots are not even being planned to happen anymore. The reshoots were previously said to be so extensive that 50 percent of the film could be reshot and even add a new character. If the reshoots are not happening at all, it could be a sign that Fox has decided to stop pouring money into a film that is already a lame duck entry in the franchise and will just release what they previously had.

As a result of its troubling production, there have been plenty of rumors about how New Mutants will be released. Since Fox will soon be acquired by Disney, Marvel Studios will gain control of the X-Men and are expected to reboot them. Disney has confirmed they will release all completed films from Fox, but there've been rumors that New Mutants will actually be dumped to Hulu or Disney+. The former could be the better fit for New Mutants, especially if it winds up being R-rated or if Marvel and Disney want to release it before Disney+ is ready to launch. The ultimate fate of The New Mutants could entirely depend on if the film does go through reshoots or not, and since they aren't planned right now, the status of them is something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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Source: THR

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