Why New Mutants' Reshoots Could Be Adding Warlock

The New Mutants reshoots are reportedly adding another character to the X-Men horror. Is it possible director Josh Boone is introducing Warlock?

Warlock and New Mutants

New Mutants is currently undergoing reshoots to add a new character - could that be Warlock? Josh Boone's X-Men horror was originally slated for release in April this year until Fox decided to move New Mutants back in January, just a few months ahead of release; instead of releasing in 2018, the film will now hit theaters in February next year. It's a dramatic change to the studio's scheduling, especially so late in the day, and reports suggest are the result of reshoots.

The nature of these reshoots is shrouded in mystery. It was initially suggested that the film wasn't "scary enough," (something Maisie Williams denied), with them later linked to the complexity of the film's CGI, with even the stripped back nature of New Mutants needing X-Men level visual effects. However, the most recent reports have suggested extensive additional photography will be conducted over the summer to add another character to New Mutants.

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Details are scarce on which mutant will be included. Some have suggested Boone will add a central X-Men character as another "hook," perhaps even a version of Charles Xavier himself, although that seems unlikely given the disconnected nature of the franchise. Indeed, there's a stronger possibility straight out of the team's comic book roster: Warlock.


Warlock Was Originally Meant To Be In New Mutants

When Boone first started teasing New Mutants in 2016, the team consisted of Magik, Sunspot, Cannonball, Mirage and Wolfsbane - the final set we know of - but also Warlock. Yes, he was right there from the start. This was said a couple more times, until casting rumors missed off the latter. Curiously, though, by April 2017 rumors began to swirl that Warlock was in the film after all. These were seemingly confirmed in June, when a casting call revealed Fox was looking for a motion-capture actor to join the movie. The part was described as "a featured principal role with no dialogue". Fans immediately deduced that this was Warlock, with presumably another actor playing the voice or him initially mute as in print.

Something seemed to shift back during production. Rumors came to a sudden end and Warlock wasn't mentioned in any of the film's marketing. By October, Boone was noting that Warlock would most likely appear in the sequel. It appeared something had changed, and - presuming he had been part of the initial plan - Warlock was now not part of the movie.

The script is evidently being reworked once again, however, and with a new character supposedly in play, could it be that Warlock has his way back into the mix? He's certainly the name with the most suggestion in New Mutants' development. But, more importantly, he'd be the perfect fit.

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