New Mutants Post-Credits Scene Actor Possibly Revealed

An interesting new report regarding the behind-the-scenes issues of Fox's The New Mutants claims a fan-favorite character was all set to appear, played by an actor who's long been rumored to join a comic book film. Next month was supposed to bring with it the first of FOX's three X-Men movies this year, but a lot has changed in the past few months. After The New Mutants was pushed back a whole year, news broke this week that X-Men: Dark Phoenix won't arrive until 2019. What's more, The New Mutants once again had its release date changed.

The reason behind the original move was said to be about making The New Mutants scarier. But given how much like a horror film the first teaser trailer looked, that explanation was always a bit confusing. Word is that at least one new character was being added as well, and sure enough the recent news came with it reports that The New Mutants is undergoing reshoots. Their purpose? The make the film scarier and add one or more new characters. Now, we may have even more information on the troubled production.

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The Tracking Board is reporting a number of rumors regarding The New Mutants and its behind-the-scenes issues. For one, the reshoots and change in tone are said to be inspired by IT's success and apparently are in an effort to make the movie closer to director and co-writer Josh Boone's original vision. But even more interesting is word that the original post-credits scene for The New Mutants was going to finally introduce Mister Sinister to the XCU—and he was to be played by Jon Hamm.

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has long been put forward by fans as a possible Batman and Superman. In fact, many want the square-jawed actor to tackle just about any comic book role. Though Hamm has stated he's too old to play a superhero, the scheming geneticist Mister Sinister could be the perfect role for him. For one, the character is more cerebral than physical. He'd also likely involve some makeup and CGI to nail his signature facade, meaning Hamm's age wouldn't be a big issue.

Sinister's alter-ego Nathaniel Essex was already teased in the tag for X-Men: Apocalypse, so it's clear Fox has had plans for the character for awhile. But the change-up with The New Mutants has reportedly scrapped both Hamm and Sinister, despite Boone having shot footage of the actor in the role. Instead, Antonio Banderas is reportedly coming on board as an entirely different character who will show up in an end credits scene.

The report also states New Mutants comic character Warlock was originally part of the script but his pure-CGI nature was deemed too complex and expensive. Fans have been hoping Warlock will join The New Mutants as the additional character, but it seems that's out of the question at this stage. For now, this is all just more rumors, but if it turns out to be true then fans will likely only be more disappointed that Hamm and Sinister were set to be in The New Mutants and now won't be.

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Source: The Tracking Board

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