Maisie Williams Has No Idea 'When The F-ck' New Mutants Will Release

New Mutants Maisie Williams

The New Mutants star Maisie Williams doesn't know when the movie will debut despite an August release date because the reshoots haven't been filmed yet. Williams rose to fame as a key cast member on HBO's wildly successful fantasy drama Game of Thrones, but she joined another massive franchise in 2017 when she was cast in The New Mutants. A spinoff from 20th Century Fox's larger X-Men universe, The New Mutants follows a group of teenage mutants from the Marvel Comics. In the film, Williams plays Rahne Sinclair aka. Wolfsbane and the rest of the main cast is rounded out by Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin aka. Magik, Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie aka. Cannonball, Henry Zaga as Roberto da Costa aka. Sunspot and Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar aka. Mirage.

However, despite The New Mutants teaser trailer releasing in October 2017, and filming wrapping on the movie in September 2017, the release date has been pushed back multiple times. First, the film was delayed to February of this year (from an initial April 2018 release) and New Mutants reshoots were reportedly ordered to make the film scarier. Then, New Mutants was further delayed until August, but the reshoots that were ordered still haven't taken place. Now that the deal between Disney and Fox is closed, with the former acquiring the latter's film and TV assets, New Mutants is under the purview of the Mouse House. As a result of all these factors, even the stars of the movie don't know when it will release.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Williams was asked about the status of The New Mutants and she said, "Who knows when the f-ck that’s gonna come out." Williams confirmed the reshoots were to make New Mutants scarier, but those haven't been filmed yet. Further, the actress revealed she'd asked co-star Heaton if he knew what was up - "What the f-ck is going on with this movie?" - but he didn't know either. Williams concluded by saying, "Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!"

Since the latest New Mutants release date delay and the lack of movement on the film's reshoots, it seems the X-Men spinoff has been stuck in limbo, with Fox perhaps waiting until Disney acquired the project as part of the larger deal. From here, New Mutants' future is in Disney's hands. Executives will need to watch the current cut of New Mutants and decide how to proceed with the film. Whether that includes reshoots to make it scarier remains to be seen. It's also been speculated New Mutants could get a streaming release, with Hulu being the main contender, though Disney+ is another possibility if the film doesn't go too scary.

For those fans who were eagerly awaiting The New Mutants' release, Williams' comments aren't exactly heartening to hear. The actress appears to be as frustrated with the New Mutants movie's many delays as the fans who want to see the characters team up on screen. Still, it's in Disney's best interest to release the best movie possible, so hopefully they'll put a plan into action soon that will see some movement. For now, though, fans and Williams alike will have to wait and see what becomes of The New Mutants.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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