New Mutants May Film Partly in Boston

Writer/director Josh Boone may be looking to film his New Mutants comic book movie in Boston, among other locations. Following the success of Deadpool and Logan, 2oth Century Fox is moving ahead with several X-Men projects for the big screen. In addition to Deadpool 2, one of the next Fox/Marvel films due to begin production soon is New Mutants. Based on the popular comic book series featuring a young group of graduates from Xavier's School for the Gifted, New Mutants will put a young adult spin on the franchise. As Boone is known for his teen-centric storytelling (see The Fault in Our Stars), his involvement with New Mutants makes sense on paper alone.

Boone has already revealed that New Mutants is in the latter stages of pre-production, meaning that location scouting is underway and official casting announcements should follow soon. On the story front, we know a bit about the characters and plot of New Mutants (the first chapter in a potential trilogy), including that the villain is going to be the comic book baddie, Demon Bear. As far as where the film will shoot, many have assumed Canada, where Fox has several studios and has shot past X-Men films. However, the latest rumors concerning the project suggest that filming may also take place Stateside.

Boone is currently location scouting for New Mutants and, based on a pair of recent Instagram posts by the director (see HERE and HERE), he appears to be visiting Boston while doing so. Given the city has increasingly become a production hub for films, it wouldn't be surprising if Fox decided to shoot New Mutants there, given the current number of X-Men films in active development.

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As noted by Omega Underground (which picked up Boone's posts), with Deadpool 2 shooting at Fox's studio in Vancouver and the untitled seventh X-Men film starting this summer in Montreal, it makes sense for New Mutants to shoot domestically. For awhile now, rumors have pointed towards New Mutants starting filming in May. Given that Boone is just now scouting shooting locations, however, it may be later in the summer when the movie actually starts production. We also haven't learned yet who will be playing the young mutant heroes of New Mutants, though that should be changing sooner than later now.

That said, there are a few long-rumored New Mutants cast members already. Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) may well be a lock for Wolfsbane, while, Anya Taylor-Joy (Splitmay be playing Magik. With the expectation still being that New Mutants is hitting theaters in 2018, an official cast list and synopsis could be right around the corner, too.

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Source: Josh Boone [via Omega Underground]

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