New Mutants Star Confirms New Character is Being Added

As Josh Boone's New Mutants heads for reshoots, one of the movie's leading stars confirms that the superhero horror film is definitely adding a new character.

After Maisie Williams downplayed rumors that the X-Men spinoff is undergoing significant changes now that its release date has shifted back a year, it was reported that another player was being added to the titular mutant team as part of the reshoots. It's not clear if New Mutants is being made "scarier" too, as was previously rumored, but if so then it could have something to do with whoever the mystery new character addition is.

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The cast have been relatively quiet on the delays, but Anya Taylor-Joy has spoken to The Playlist about her frustration over the movie's release and inadvertently confirmed someone new is set to join New Mutants:

“I do think that there is a great responsibility to make sure the movie is done right and that we deliver the fans something that they can all feel happy about and excited about. So, I don’t think it being delayed is a bad thing because it’s definitely more important to make sure that we get it right than rushing to make a date. So, hopefully, all of these reshoots and adding of the new character that will give the fans an altogether satisfactory, wonderful product.”

The roster of teen mutants is already reasonably stocked, but the 21-year-old unfortunately doesn't reveal whether anyone notable from the comics will be suiting up alongside herself, Williams, and other stars like Charlie Heaton and Henry Zaga. While the new addition could simply be a minor role, the hype surrounding it suggest that it could be someone major.

While the cast is already made up of notable New Mutants members including Wolfsbane, Magik, and Cannonball, fan favorites like Warpath and Boom-Boom are noticeably absent. Some are already guessing that the technological Warlock could be the mysterious new character, but it looks like Boone and co. are keeping their cards close to their chest at this point. There are also those holding out hope for either Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy returning to their iconic role as Charles Xavier, or even casting someone new as the Prof to help bridge the gap between the Foxverse and the MCU. Boone has already teased that he would like to add Karma and Warpath in a possible sequel, but with the Fox-Disney merger looming, that dream might never come true.

Considering that fans would be just weeks away from New Mutants' original release, it isn't hard to share Taylor-Joy's sentiments. However, if they're adding another piece of X-Men lore pulled straight from the comics, then surely the delay is a good thing. Adapting Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s acclaimed 'Demon Bear Saga', there is plenty for Boone to work with, but it is a case of wait and see whether New Mutants can live up to its own hype or will simply be remembered as a lackluster X-Men movie akin to Origins: Wolverine. Whatever happens, New Mutants promises to push the envelope with a genre-defining move into a new territory for comic book films.

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Source: The Playlist

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