New Mutants' Future Up To Disney, Streaming Release Still A Possibility

The future of Fox's X-Men horror film New Mutants is now entirely in the hands of Disney, with a release on a streaming service possible.

Disney will now decide The New Mutants' fate, with the troubled film possibly heading for a streaming release. The Fox era of X-Men films is almost officially done. After over a year, Disney and Fox have closed the deal that will shakeup Hollywood and see all of Fox's TV and film assets be brought under the Mouse House's control. There are many implications of the deal, but the one area that has generated the most discussion is the expected reboot of the X-Men and Fantastic Four to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Before that day comes, Disney now has the June release of Dark Phoenix to prepare for, which will be the end of the main franchise. However, they also have Josh Boone's The New Mutants in the can, but in need of major work. The movie reportedly was going to receive massive reshoots last year that would add a brand new character, increase the horror elements of the film, and possibly overhaul up to 50 percent of the film. It was recently confirmed by producer Simon Kinberg, though, that these reshoots have yet to happen, and now that decision and the future of New Mutants rest in the hands of Disney.

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With the Disney-Fox deal now closed, THR reports that Disney execs will soon decide what to do with The New Mutants after they have a chance to see the current cut of the film. The movie currently has an August theatrical release date, but there's been plenty of rumors about The New Mutants being moved to Disney+ or Hulu. According to THR's report, this is still a possibility and it is unclear whether or not the once-desired reshoots will happen.

The New Mutants features a great cast of rising stars like Split's Anya Taylor Joy, Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams, and Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton, who are set to play Magik, Wolfsbane, and Cannonball respectively. The talent of the stars appeared to be a great match for Boone's horror take, with the previously released trailer for The New Mutants increasing the buzz around the promising low-budget superhero film. Unfortunately, the troubled production and multiple delays for The New Mutants have nearly eliminated any prior excitement for the film.

Before the reshoots took over New Mutants' narrative, there was a growing belief that the the film could be the next great example of Fox's genre-specific approach to their mutant films. New Mutants was also going to be the first film in a trilogy, but will instead likely be an odd finale to Fox's X-Men legacy. If it is going to wind up on a streaming service, Hulu would appear to be the better fit if the horror tone stays intact. With only five months left before the film's current release date, it hopefully won't be too long before Disney reveals how and when The New Mutants can be seen - for those who are still interested (or just curious) to see the final product.

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Source: THR

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