New Mutants Director Shares Art of Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane

While we’re just a few weeks away from Logan’s big screen release, news continues to trickle out about the 20th Century Fox X-Men projects that will make their way to theaters in the coming years. Hugh Jackman may be ready to hang up his claws as Wolverine, but there’s a whole new group of actors waiting in the wings to step into the spotlight and become a part of the huge movie franchise.

One of those new additions to the film series will come in the form of New Mutants; an adaptation of the Marvel comic series of the same name directed by Josh Boone, who also co-writes alongside Knate Gwatlney. Not much is currently known about the plot or direction the film will take when it eventually debuts, but there have been rumors circulating for a while now as to who exactly will be starring in some of the leading roles.

Maisie Williams’ name has been thrown around, with the Game of Thrones actress rumored to be stepping into the role of Wolfsbane; a mutant with the ability to shift between human and wolf characteristics at will. Now those rumors will be given even more fuel, as Josh Boone took to his Twitter to share artwork of Williams mocked up as the feral character.

Wolfsbane by Mid-World's very own @AshleyRGuillory @Maisie_Williams

— Josh Boone (@JoshBooneMovies) February 12, 2017

Ashley Guillory is the artist behind the piece, following her work on an animatic release last year which showed the New Mutants heroes battling Demon Bear. Whilst there’s no confirmation that this is official concept art for the film, all evidence to-date seems to point in the direction that Guillory is involved on some level.

Despite New Mutants still being in some of the earliest stages of production, these titbits of information that continue to float their way to the surface suggest there’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes that we’re yet to discover. Boone seems ready to burst when it comes to revealing more about his project. Seeing a director so passionate about his project is certainly an exciting and welcome thing.

That’s not to say that in the months to come we should expect any huge announcements. Rumors have suggested that filming will be starting later this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be learning anything monumental before then, at least until set photos begin to find their way online.

In saying that, a little nod to the introduction of new blood via Logan is very possible, and would be the perfect way to bring Jackman’s time with the franchise to a close, whilst opening the door for a slew of new mutant heroes. We’ll just have to wait for official announcements to learn more about the flick; that is of course if Boone doesn’t let anything slip before then…

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Source: Josh Boone (via Twitter)

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