Sneak Peek(s) at New Moon's New Trailer

I'm sure I don't have to tell you Twilight Saga fans out there that the full trailer for New Moon is going to be debuting this Friday before Summit Entertainment's Bandslam movie. Well, the French jumped the gun recently and leaked the latest cut of their New Moon trailer online. Over here in the U.S., meanwhile, a 17-second preview of the latest New Moon trailer (preview-of-a-preview I'm calling it) has been put out to help wet appetites around the world.

Both the French trailer and preview-of-a-preview trailer show a lot more of awkward Bella (Kristen Stewart) and ab-ripped Jacob (Taylor Lautner) getting hot and steamy, and there is even some quick shots of good old Edward (R. Patt) and Dakota Fanning as the vampire Jane.

Check them out:


New Moon Preview-of-a-Preview


French Trailer for New Moon


I will say this: the story for New Moon at least looks more intriguing than the thinly-veiled metaphorical teen-angst story of Twilight. Like J.K. Rowling before her, Stephenie Meyer looks to have grown a bit as a storyteller, fully stepping into the world she created, fleshing it out to be its own (sort of) unique universe - something Twilight was sorely missing, IMHO.

How did you like the new footage of New Moon?

Note: Be sure to check back with Screen Rant regularly over the weekend to catch the official new trailer for New Moon the second it drops!

Source: You Tube via Ace Showbiz

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