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Collider also managed an interview with the Volturi, the cabal of fanged ones who serve as the ruling tribunal of the vampires in the Twilight Saga universe. Present for the interview were actors Dakota Fanning (Jane), Michael Sheen (Aro), Jamie Campbell (Caius) and Cameron Bright (Alec).  A few quotes from each Volturi member:

Dakota Fanning: I think the highlight of playing Jane was getting to wear that costume and to have the red contact lenses — I was really excited about that - and getting to play an evil character. The next movie I already finished doing, Eclipse, and it’s about the same. It’s still not very much in the movie.

Michael Sheen: ...I liked the idea of a character who on the surface appears to be very friendly and thinks of himself as just being a sentimental old fool, a romantic at heart, and then he wants to eat your eyes. I liked that sort of idea so that was where Aro came from...

Jamie Campbell Bower: We are basically the vampire government, I guess. We’re there to sort of keep all the vampires in check. People keep describing us as evil. I wouldn’t say we’re evil necessarily. We’re the government and not everybody likes the government, which is fine...There’s me and Michael and Chris Heyerdahl who plays Marcus, Aro and Caius respectively, and we sit on these big thrones and then there’s you (Dakota) and Charlie (Bewley) and Dan (Cudmore). They’re our runners effectively.

Cameron Bright: Me and Dakota, we’re the henchmen but it’s kind of funny because Dakota is the most feared out of all the Volturi. She’s the one with the worst power and everything - well not worst like worst in a sentence. We’re the henchmen. We kind of do what they say. For me, as Alec, I’m the only one that isn’t quite afraid of her but I still am. Like I’m not afraid to say what I want, where everybody else is always kind of watching their words, as far the henchmen go...We’re brother and sister. That’s basically about it. That spells it out for you. Luckily, we don’t fight at all or else I’d be in trouble.

Dakota Fanning: For me, my special power is that I can just look at someone and cause them pain. And, if I could have any power, it would be to read people’s thoughts.

Jamie Campbell Bower: I don’t have a power. Take from that what you will. And if I had a power in real life, probably something like the power of flight would be kind of cool - just to get from A to B much quicker rather than walking everywhere. It’s much faster.

Michael Sheen: My power is to be able to read people’s thoughts by touching them, and in real life, I would like to have the power to always look like I’m 3 centimeters to the right of where I actually am. [Laughter] Mock!...I haven’t really experienced much of the Twilight fan stuff yet. But, I did go into a store in L.A. to buy a pair of jeans and I went into the little cubicle to try my jeans on...As I came out, there was a woman shaking, going “You’re Aro, aren’t you?!” and I just hid in my cubicle again. Whooo! Anyway, I’m slightly to the right of where you are. [Laughter] That’s been really my only experience with that. Apart from also going into my daughter’s bedroom and seeing — she’s just got pictures from Twilight and New Moon everywhere — and seeing my own little picture which I think she did out of pity. [Laughter] Have Dad up there as well. That was quite a ball [bore?].

Go here for Collider's full interview with the Volturi actors.

Phew, that is a lot of New Moon news for one day. Thanks to Collider's Steve Weintraub for busting his hump to snag all these great quotes and clips for you Twilight Saga fans out there!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be in theaters on November 20, 2009.

Source: Collider

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