Marvel Comics Introduces New Villain: Lavish

Cover of Marvel's Rogue and Gambit 2

Marvel's Rogue & Gambit #2  arrives in comic book stores today, and brings with it a brand new villain for the Marvel universe: Lavish. The new five-part miniseries featuring these star-crossed lovers launched last month, with Rogue & Gambit #1 taking the pair off to a desert island couples retreat to investigate some missing mutants. They're not too thrilled to be forced into close quarters (and even having to share a bedroom), but Kitty Pryde sent them on the mission believing that their long history would make their cover as a couple all the more believable.

Last week, the pair didn't make too much headway on the island, with Rogue & Gambit #1 mostly having fun with the relationship between Rogue and Remy (and some of Rogue's recent history with Deadpool). This week, however, there's a solid balance between the character-driven stuff (Rogue and Gambit in a couple's counselling session... ooh my!), and the mission-driven plotline, as Rogue and Gambit discover a hidden area of the resort, and the mastermind behind it all is revealed: Lavish.

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Lavish, a figure in a long purple cloak and dark blue full-body suit, appears in the final panels of Rogue & Gambit #2, after Rogue and Gambit find a room filled with bodies on slabs, hooked up to... something. Turns out, the big bads have been watching them on security cameras the whole time, and when the 'couples counselor' tells Lavish that Rogue and Gambit have found 'it', the villain replies that she was on to them the whole time...

Lavish in Marvel's Rogue and Gambit

This is the only panel so far that shows Lavish, although there's little doubt that in next month's Rogue & Gambit #3 (and future issues in the five-part miniseries), Lavish will be making more of an appearance. However, it's interesting to note that Lavish appears to be a totally new villain for the Marvel universe.

No other villain of the same name exists (nor has any hero used 'Lavish' as a moniker in the past), and Lavish's appearance and costume is not immediately recognizable as belonging to a villain of another name. Of course, this new Marvel villain's plan and backstory are sure to be revealed as the story continues, but for now, it could well be anyone, or be a totally new face in the Marvel Universe. For now, all we know is the name, and that Lavish has some kind of plan that involves sucking the powers/life out of mutants for some unknown devious plan... and we'll have to keep reading to find out what it is.

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Rogue & Gambit #2 is now available.

Source: Marvel Comics

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