New Kevin Bacon Film Death Sentence Looks Good

The first I heard of the upcoming movie Death Sentence was in and email less than a week ago. The film stars Kevin Bacon as a father out for revenge after the murderer of his son is found not guilty due to a technicality. It was directed by James Wan, who directed the first Saw film and was executive producer on the sequels. To be honest I didn't pay it too much attention, except for the fact that it was for a Comic-Con event and that I might have the opportunity to actually meet Kevin Bacon afterwards.

However a poster and trailer for the film have been released, and suddenly I'm very interested in seeing the movie.

The trailer starts out very effectively, giving a sense of the characters and the family bond between them within less than a minute, making what follows very gripping. Overall it kind of reminded me somewhat of the classic Charles Bronson film Death Wish, although the story isn't exactly the same. It seems to be a pretty standard revenge flick but being a dad and a husband, plus enjoying Kevin Bacon as an actor - it really grabbed my attention and interest.

You can see the trailer in a variety of formats over at Yahoo! Movies.

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