The Rock Reveals JUMANJI's Star Wars Easter Egg

The new Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle hasn't released, but we may already know its best Easter Egg. With the new film picking up years after the original film - not in a sequel or reboot, but "another Jumanji adventure" - fans are sure to expect a ton of nods to those characters, riddles, and terrifying animals. But early on, it's looking like a chance for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to live out some childhood fantasies of his own.. in the best way possible.

During our visit to the set of the new Jumanji, the cast and crew made it clear that there would be explicit references to the first Robin Williams movie, and create an even bigger role for Alan Parrish in Jumanji lore. But when we spoke with Johnson, we couldn't help but point out the similarities between his character, 'Dr. Smolder Bravestone,' and the brilliant Indiana Jones. As it turns out, it's not the only Harrison Ford homage buried in the new jungle adventure - there's also a Star Wars Easter Egg just for the star.

For those who may see a khaki shirt and pants as a bit slim for a real 'inspiration,' the original concept art showed a stronger Indy vibe, minus the whip (we suppose that would be a little too on the nose). It's a tip of Johnson's own hat to one of his childhood movie heroes, but for those in search of more fantastic Easter Eggs, it's the one on the hero's hip that takes the cake.

We know Indiana Jones didn't like snakes, is there an animal in the jungle that Dr. Smolder Bravestone is afraid of?

Indiana Jones... like a lot of us... one of my top movies of all time. It was literally the movie when I was eight years old I thought 'Wow, I want to do that!' Not necessarily 'I want to be an actor' but 'Wow, I want to be that guy. Like that guy is cool!' That's why there's nods in the movie to Harrison Ford, and to that movie.

Like I have my hat... this is such a dorky thing, but this [grabs machete holster] is my nod to Harrison in Star Wars. Right? Just kind of slung real low... there's little things, little Easter Eggs. Umm... what was the question again?

Animals that your character is afraid of?

Oh, yes! All of them. Every single one. Literally every single one, yeah.

It may hold a machete instead of a galactic blaster, due to the movie's surroundings, but the inspiration of Dr. Bravestone's belt is clear. And it was even present in the earlier costume artwork, showing how quickly Johnson jumped at the chance to play Han Solo... well, as much as anyone other than Harrison Ford ever can. Now, it just remains to be seen if the Star Wars nod will be called out in the movie or exist only as an inside joke for those eagle-eyed enough to spot it.

Take these potentially multiple nods to Harrison Ford's most iconic movie heroes, and add in the promise by several on set that Welcome To The Jungle will show its love for video games of the 1990s, and Easter Egg hunters may have their hands full. So will the heroes, though, so perhaps it's another way the filmmakers will blur the line between movie and game, and between players... and the played.

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