New 'Jetsons' Animated Movie in Development

For all the cartoon series that are being rebooted into live-action movies these days, like Masters of the Universe and Scooby Doo (again), one that hasn't managed to see the light of day yet is The Jetsons. Warner Bros. has tried for the better part of the last six years to adapt the Hanna-Barbera classic for the big screen, including an attempt with Kanye West as artistic supervisor, but the project still hasn't managed to get off the ground.

Airing between 1962 and 1963, then later between 1985 and 1987, The Jetsons was Hanna-Barbera's sitcom counterpart to The Flintstones. But instead of prehistoric times, their world of 2062 was one of robots, aliens, holograms, inventions and flying cars, featuring George Jetson, his wife Jane, their daughter Judy, son Elroy, robot maid Rosie and dog Astro. Over the years, the series has become an important part of American pop culture, and Warner Bros is now hoping nostalgia will bring in viewers for a new animated movie.

Deadline exclusively reports that after years of developing a live-action version of The Jetsons, Warner Bros. has decided to turn the series into an animated feature film. They've hired Matt Lieberman to write the script after his work on an animated Scooby Doo movie for the film studio more than a year ago.

Lieberman got his start in the Disney Writers Program and has since amassed a lot of credits to his name. He currently has the spec 12/24 (a found-footage Santa Claus film) at Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures, Giant Monsters Attack Japan at Paramount Animation and Evil Genius at Disney. While three of his other scripts - Short Circuit, The Pet and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - already have directors attached.

kanye west jetsons movie

Because futuristic settings can turn into large budgets, an animated reboot of The Jetsons does sound like a better plan than a live-action version. An animated film would also be able to emulate the tone of the series better, as well, which is often a complaint when cartoons are adapted as live-action films.

In 1990, Hanna-Barbera and Universal Pictures released Jetsons: The Movie, which starred George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc as the voices of George Jetson and Mr. Spacely in their last roles. The film didn't do well with critics or at the box office, but has since fared much better on home video and television, capping off the TV series and preserving its legacy for the past 25 years.

Screen Rant readers, would you be interested in seeing an animated reboot of The Jetsons? Do you think an animated feature film would be better than a live-action version? Let us know in the comments.

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