New Iron ManTrailer & Footage Revealed At WonderCon

[UPDATE: Click here for the new full Iron Man movie trailer!]

Director Jon Favreau was the only person involved with Iron Man who appeared at WonderCon, but like at last year's San Diego Comic-Con he had something special for those who showed up.

I was expecting to see the new trailer that is to premiere during the next episode of ABC's Lost and would have been very happy with that. But oh, there was more. :-)

Probably in reaction to the super-quick-cut edited Super Bowl commercial, we were shown a couple of extended scenes from the film.

The main scene that we were treated to was a very extended version of what was shown in the Super Bowl spot, where we seem him testing the flight capabilities of the suit in his very large garage populated with rare cars.

It opens up much earlier, with the scene that shows him working on one of the propulsion boots. He's working alone and apparently talking to himself, like some eccentric scientist. But as we cut to the next scene where he tests the boots for the very first time we see that he is in fact talking to the robotic machines that assist him in the construction and testing of the suit.

They seem to have some sort of rudimentary artificial intelligence, or at least enough programming to respond very effectively to voice communication.

He does a first test very cautiously at only 10% of propulsive power and the result is unexpected and very funny. I won't say more so as to not spoil it any further than that. We then cut to the garage where he will now only test the propulsion at 1% of it's capability. He has a rather animated conversation with one of the bots, telling it not to unleash the fire extinguisher on him unless he specifically requests it. The robot obviously understands what he is saying.

He takes off gingerly as shown in the commercial and flies around the garage more than in the commercial, inadvertently hovering over a couple of his expensive cars and ruining them.

We then cut to a scene where he dons the Mark II armor fully for what seems to be the first time. We get a glimpse for the first time of how we will see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark inside the suit, and while much more advanced, it does bear a resemblence to the method used in David Guivant's recent fan film.

We see his face, looking at it from outside the armor with multi-layered graphics hovering in front of his face, implying a virtual multi-dimensional display. We then also see him looking out from the armor helmet in his POV where there are a plethora of graphics overlayed similar to the Terminator POV from those films.

On to the new trailer...

First off, for Iron Man fans, a critical character is also revealed in this scene: Tony Stark's assistant, Jarvis.

Favreau's earlier statement that Jarvis would be in the film "in a way" is now revealed - Jarvis is an A.I. system that attends to his needs, runs the automation in his home, his lab and now, Iron Man.

We hear his (British) voice responding to Stark's commands and queries while in the Mark II armor, and the voice does have a personality. Stark seems to be doing a final test and as Jarvis wants to be done and shut down the armor, Tony overrides him and wants to take it for it's maiden flight. We get to see him (as in the Super Bowl commercial) take off wildly down a passageway and shoot off into the sky. We do see much more flying time here, including one of the boots failing and him falling to earth, landing on yet another of his expensive cars.

BTW, the trailer that will be shown during Lost is 90 seconds long while the full trailer which we saw is 2 1/2 minutes long. It will be shown with 10,000 BC, so now you have another cool trailer to see ahead of that film along with The Dark Knight and possibly The Incredible Hulk.

Continued in Part 2...

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