New Iron Man Teaser Poster!

This is very cool and like Vic, I'm an Iron Man freak! So much so, I have ol' Shellhead tattooed on my right forearm. I was even featured in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks back, as their "obsessive fan of the week," because of my love for Iron Man!

Anyway, this is a very cool poster, another teaser, that's tantalizing to look at. I'm looking forward to the full blown poster, likely next spring, which will likely feature the cast and perhaps all three of the armors! Keep in mind, we've seen the Mark I--grey clunker--and Mark III--the modern version, partially seen in this poster. I'm guessing that the Mark II may be a prototype, maybe something that isn't painted and looks halfway there. Or, maybe we'll see the classic armor.

One more thought before I go, I feel like showcasing Iron Man's helmet in the poster will create a new iconic film image, much like the Spider-Man, Superman and heck, even the Jurassic Park posters. Though I have to say, the helmet at the official movie site looks much cooler

Iron Man opens May 2, 2008. I'll be first in line to see it!

Hat tip to the vacationing Vic! Bigger version at Superhero Hype!

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