New Iron Man Movie Interviews With Jon Favreau

Over at Movies Online Favreau had this to say regarding big budget action movies:

"You realize these [superhero] movies could survive without good actors and without good story because the shots are so compelling and done so well. The guys at ILM they did Pirates [of the Caribbean] and Transformers and that stuff is spectactular."

But does that apply to Iron Man? Here's what he had to say:

"It is a very very good movie and I think people's expectations will be met. Although it's changing now, but with superhero movies, they [the audience] are expecting an experience - they are not expecting quality. They have a good time without a great movie. So if you deliver a great movie on top of something that is spectacular to watch, you can deliver a great experience."

I read someone's interpretation of the above that I thought was completely wrong: They said that the above means that Iron Man will not pay as much attention to the characters and their interactions as he might in a low budget movie. That's completely off-base. What he's saying above is that even movies that don't pay attention to those details can make a ton of money, but Iron Man will deliver big-time action and a quality film, both.

In the interview with he goes on to expand on that, saying:

"You can't just do ok opening weekend, you have to blow the doors off for it to even be profitable... In addition to being charming, it has to deliver as a big movie. It's my work on smaller movies that inform the humanity and relationships, which I think without those at the core of a big movie like that it just becomes spectacle."

He also referred to it as a

"...big beautiful 2 hour experience."

Sweet. :-)

To see the full interview plus a brief one with Robert Downey Jr head on over to

Iron Man opens on May 2, 2008.

Sources: MoviesOnline and IGN

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