New Iron Man Movie Interviews With Jon Favreau

First it was MoviesOnline that scored an interview with Jon Favreau regarding not only Iron Man, but the possibility of his directing the Avengers movie. Now IGN has scored one as well, where Favs talks about the delicate balance between action-blockbuster and interpersonal relationships in making Iron Man.

Over at Movies Online Favreau had this to say regarding big budget action movies:

"You realize these [superhero] movies could survive without good actors and without good story because the shots are so compelling and done so well. The guys at ILM they did Pirates [of the Caribbean] and Transformers and that stuff is spectactular."

But does that apply to Iron Man? Here's what he had to say:

"It is a very very good movie and I think people's expectations will be met. Although it's changing now, but with superhero movies, they [the audience] are expecting an experience - they are not expecting quality. They have a good time without a great movie. So if you deliver a great movie on top of something that is spectacular to watch, you can deliver a great experience."

I read someone's interpretation of the above that I thought was completely wrong: They said that the above means that Iron Man will not pay as much attention to the characters and their interactions as he might in a low budget movie. That's completely off-base. What he's saying above is that even movies that don't pay attention to those details can make a ton of money, but Iron Man will deliver big-time action and a quality film, both.

In the interview with he goes on to expand on that, saying:

"You can't just do ok opening weekend, you have to blow the doors off for it to even be profitable... In addition to being charming, it has to deliver as a big movie. It's my work on smaller movies that inform the humanity and relationships, which I think without those at the core of a big movie like that it just becomes spectacle."

He also referred to it as a

"...big beautiful 2 hour experience."

Sweet. :-)

To see the full interview plus a brief one with Robert Downey Jr head on over to

Iron Man opens on May 2, 2008.

Sources: MoviesOnline and IGN

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