New Iron Man Movie Armor Conceptual Design

Update May 2, 2007: Click here for the first official look at the red & gold Iron Man armor from the movie! Freaking GORGEOUS and VERY close to the design that was posted on this page!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, I've had to remove the image after exchanging email with someone involved in the production, but you can see the first picture of the Mark I armor here and some rejected armor designs here.

I've been trying like crazy to dig up more info on the Iron Man armor for the upcoming movie. Previously I posted some rejected concepts for the Iron Man movie armor. Well right now is showing that Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is handling the visual effects (VFX) for the Iron Man movie. Now pretty much anyone can open an account with IMDB and add info to a page without having to substantiate it, so I don't know if that's real information or just someone being cute and/or speculating on which company will handle the special effects.

I've stated previously here and elsewhere that the armor for the movie would closely resemble the current Iron Man armor in the comic books. As a matter of fact it almost seemed that the recent Ellis/Granov "Extremis" storyline was created in a very cinematic style, with an eye towards the upcoming film.

Well I'm 99% sure that's going to be the case, and here is a conceptual sketch for the armor from a compay that's being considered for the job. I can't say which one, so don't bother asking. :-)

[Image removed by request of the production]

As you can see, this concept sketch is incredibly similar to the version currently being worn by Tony Stark in the comics right now. The final design will no doubt change from the above rendering, but I'm pretty sure it will fall along those lines.

My opinion? It looks freakin' awesome and that's coming from a long time Iron Man fan. I read the original Bob Layton/David Michelinie run as it was published. :-)

I've also heard a rumour It's been confirmed by that Stan Winston is working on a real, mechanical version of the armor, so I would think that in the final version the seams won't be as tight as they are shown below since realistically it doesn't seem to allow for movement. Then again mechanical FX are so advanced these days that maybe the suit could look just like it does above and still be functional.

Between the sketch above and talk of Stan Winston on the project, I'm getting ever more stoked about this movie. :-)

Iron Man opens in 2008.

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