New Iron Man Armor Designs Revealed, 'Hundreds' To Come

The upcoming Tony Stark: Iron Man comic will gives the armored Avenger hundreds of new suits - and the designs for the first nine have now been revealed. After years crafting the story of Tony Stark for Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis is writing Superman for DC. In the wake of his departure, Dan Slott will jump from Spider-Man to Tony Stark and kick off a whole new series of adventures for the hero. It's been a tumultuous few years for the scientist, but Tony Stark is back from the dead and ready to do what he does best: build high-tech suits of armor to save the world.

As part of Marvel's latest comic relaunch, all sorts of heroes are getting fresh stories that will offer readers new places to start. Not everyone is happy that Marvel is reseting things one again, but the new titles we've heard about so far seem thrilling and the latest arcs for classic heroes should combine everything die-hards and new fans alike have loved about the characters. And when it comes to Iron Man's latest tale, that means an exciting array for new suits.

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CBR has the first look at concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man by Slott and Valerio Schiti. Across nine armor designs, Schiti crafts a variety of suits for multiple occasions. There's a blending of classic elements with new ideas, and an assortment of alien and anime influences in a few of the suits. Plus, one even looks as if it will turn Tony Stark into a Transformer.

As Slott admits, playing with designs for Tony's suits is infinitely entertaining, and fans of the character will no doubt enjoy all the new variations on Iron Man's classic look. A number of the suits use the standard red and gold motif, but luckily some new colors come into play. Tony has deviated from his favorites a few times, but nothing quite so bold as what Schiti has dreamed up here. And figuring out how the neon yellow suit with wheels and windows will work should be reason enough to pick up the book.

In speaking about the new designs and the updated approach to Tony, Slott had this to say about what fans can expect from the comic:

“One of the things we’re doing in the book is that for the most part there is no one set Iron Man armor. If you’re Tony Stark you can build whatever you want. So why not have a different suit for the different problems you’re facing? Are we going to have a base suit? Yes, because he has to appear over in Avengers and have a consistent look. But when you’re in Tony Stark: Iron Man, though, Valerio is going to have complete freedom to go crazy with all kinds of new armors! We’re taking this toy chest — and we’ve decided it’s not big enough! We’re building extensions!”

There's no telling if any of these suits will show up in a future movie, but Marvel is fond of providing characters with new costumes in each film. And naturally, Tony has led this charge. We've seen dozens of designs from him, and Avengers: Infinity War will feature the Bleeding Edge armor from the comics, or at least a version of it. There's no telling how many more MCU movies Robert Downey, Jr. will make, but here's hoping he sticks around long enough for some of these new armors to make an appearance on the big screen.

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Tony Stark: Iron Man is expected to arrive in June 2018 with the rest of Marvel's relaunched titles.

Source: CBR

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