New Indy 4 Pics And Lucas Whines About Fans, Critics

Harrison Ford looking like he's still got the Indy mojo

Here are three new images from the set of Indy 4, or if you prefer painfully long titles: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While I haven't been wildly excited about this movie, these photos do get me fired up a bit as they seem to have captured the vibe of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark.

By far, most other movie site writers (including others here on Screen Rant) have been much more encouraging about this film than I have, which made the comments by George Lucas in his interview with Vanity Fair (the source of these images) quite odd.

Cinematical pointed out the comments by Lucas, which were quite a bit into "sour grapes" territory. First he goes after movie critics (and, I presume, movie news writers):

"I know the critics are going to hate it [meaning the new Indy film]. They already hate it. So there's nothing we can do about that. They hate the idea that we're making another one. They've already made up their minds."

Ok, so he's slamming critics, who are generally known for having more discerning taste than the average movie goer. But then, he also takes a shot at fans:

"The fans are all upset. They're always going to be upset. 'Why did he do it like this? And why didn't he do it like this?' They write their own movie, and then, if you don't do their movie, they get upset about it. So you just have to stand by for the bricks and the custard pies, because they're going to come flying your way."

Now of course there are always going to be people that think that a particular movie should have been done this way instead of that. However there is a huge, HUGE difference between a subtle point of difference like "Hey, in The Dark Knight the batsuit should be grey instead of black" (that's for you, Kel) and trying to put lipstick and perfume on a pig and calling it a beauty queen (can you say AVP-R?).

I'm sorry, but for the most part, the Star Wars prequels were bloody awful. It wasn't a case of subtle points but of big honkin' problems with the story, acting and direction. Pardon us if we're a bit worried about how beloved characters are going to be portrayed in this film.

How about this: Just make a great movie, instead of a mediocre one and then crying about it when people call you on the fact that it's mediocre (flashback to the whiny rationalizations of the makers of Star Trek: Nemesis).

But to end on a positive note, here are a couple more images that look really good from Indy 4:

Shia Lebouf and Karen Allen on the set of Indy 4

Looks like Cate Blanchett plays one of the bad guys (ok, gals) from the movie

Source: Vanity Fair

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