New Indiana Jones Picture And News

While it's hardly a barrage of publicity, there has been some movement on the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull publicity front.

The most important news is that Hollywood Elsewhere has allegedly discovered that the film's running time will be 140 minutes (2 hours 20 minutes) - that's a whole lot of Indy action.

The site also states that the film will be shown "internally" next week. I presume that internally will be Lucasfilm rather than Paramount Pictures (but, heck it could be both), also that the film will be going to the printers so that the final print can be ready for the Cannes launch.

USA Today has also published an interview with the world's second most famous carpenter (the first being Jesus Christ, the third being Tim Allen in Home Improvement, but let's not go there).

To find out more and see a larger version of that picture you're going to have to keep reading. You knew that of course...

The USA Today interview is pretty cool, here are the highlights:

Harrison Ford says that Indy develops as a character in the films:

"He's a guy who is pretty clear from the beginning. He has not changed so much between films. But we've learned more about him, through various plot devices, such as the introduction of his father. And we'll learn something more about him in this film. I think it's required. If you're going to bring back a character, you'll have to supply the audience with something more and different. The adventure is very, very important. But it's interesting to discover a facet of the character that perhaps you hadn't explored before"

It wasn't difficult to get back into character:

"It's as though you put on that hat, the leather jacket, the bag, the whip, the gun — or even the schoolteacher's suit — and it comes back to you."

On the chances of him retiring:

"I think I might decide to do other things, but I think it's a ways down the line. I'm still having as much fun and taking as much pleasure, and I'm as intellectually stimulated by the process, as I ever was."

Oh, and he also said something about doing a fifth Indiana Jones film, but there isn't a direct quote on that... I wonder why.

Like I said, there's nothing earth shattering here...but it is Indiana Jones and considering that the film is just over a month away - I'll take what I can get.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens May 22.

Sources: Hollywood Elsewhere and USA Today

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