Awesome New Images From Stallone's 'Expendables'

Today we have a batch of new images from Sylvester Stallone's upcoming muscle-man-packed action flick, The Expendables. For most action fans, the film had them at the casting of Jason Statham, Jet Li and Stallone - and then the cast was expanded to include the likes of Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Eric Roberts (even Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to make a cameo appearance) to ramp up the awesomeness even more.

Don't worry, ladies, the XX chromosome is being represented too, in the form of Charisma Carpenter and Brittany Murphy.

What do you mean, "This is a guy's movie"? I find that offensive and sexist...


The new Expendables images come to us by way of a site called Ethelmae's Blog, via a tip from a Joblo reader called "Jorgen." Some of the images are behind the scenes (i.e. not straight stills) and only a couple of images show the action the film promises (funnily enough those ones don't involve Stallone or Statham). Nonetheless, it's awesome to see this gang of actors together. The first image in particular is pretty exciting, check them out below:


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