New Images From 'Gamer'

The latest film from Crank writer/directors Mark Nevaldine and Brian Taylor is Gamer (previously titled both Game and Citizen Game), a film about the popular world of multiplayer online gaming - only in this case the players controlling real live human beings. It's a great concept that looks to have been pushed to the max, if the first trailer for Gamer is any indication (although some would say it veers to close to Death Race, and in some ways I agree).

Today we have a batch of new images from Gamer, most of which are pretty strange, indeed. For a film that seems so much about hardcore violence and gunplay, at least three of these photos seem to indicate a more colorful, less bleak world than what we've seen from the awesome interactive poster and the aforementioned trailer.

Apparently, most of the pictures show part of the world of Gamer called Society, which is basically the equivalent of what we know as The Sims. It's pretty inevitable that in a film called Gamer they would have a Sim Society, isn't it? Here are some of the new pics from Gamer:

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