New Images From Friday the 13th Remake

Those lucky horror guys over at have managed to score a whole batch of exclusive images from the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. Most of them are just images of the young, hot, inevitable victims for Jason but a few show the updated killer in his glory. Check out the pictures below (click here for the full gallery):

Although the first two aren't all that great (which is understandable considering we're only seeing a snapshot of an hopefully much more exciting scene) but the third one looks great. There's something about just seeing the legendary horror character simply standing there... watching.

I wonder if that's in the actually movie or if it's just a promo shot - the first two images seem to suggest they're going to go with the full-on chase style horror movie as opposed to the subtle, "what you don't see is scarier" approach that almost always ends up working a helluva a lot better.

I have always tried to give these remakes (horror or otherwise) a fair shake but it almost seems like on purpose that almost every one is at most average and at worst terrible. I'm willing to give this remake of yet another classic horror film a fair go as well - but I'm not holding my breath. I hope, as I always do, that it will pleasantly surprise me.

So are you liking the look of these photos and how this horror remake is shaping up? Or do you think they should have left the character well alone?

Friday the 13th is set to hit theaters on February 13th this year.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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