• Marvel has announced HAWKEYE: FREEFALL, a new comic series... 1 / 8

    Hawkeye Freefall Comic Cover
  • From writer Matthew Rosenberg, artist Otto Schmidt, and Clint Barton! 2 / 8

    Hawkeye Comic Art Vertical
  • And while Rosenberg wouldn't confirm or deny Hawkeye's classic suit returns... 3 / 8

    Hawkeye Dark Reign comic book cover
  • He did tease elements of the new series, and PLENTY of deadly villains. 4 / 8

    Hawkeye Kate Vertical
  • He also confirms Clint's deafness, and it will be addressed. 5 / 8

    Hawkeye Comic Vertical
  • Clint Barton's hearing loss was left out of the MCU's version of Hawkeye... 6 / 8

    Jeremy Renner as The Avengers' Hawkeye
  • But if the comic is a hit and strong reminder, don't be surprised to see it return! 7 / 8

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