New HAWKEYE Comic Confirms He's Still Deaf (and Awesome)

Hawkeye Freefall Marvel Comic

The former Avenger may be training his successor in the Hawkeye series from Disney+, but he's heading out on a mission of his own when Marvel's Hawkeye: Freefall begins in January 2020.

The new series from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Otto Schmidt was announced by Marvel today, alongside other high profile releases coming to comic readers in the new year. While the early details are scarce, fans won't need much more information than 'a new Hawkeye solo book' to get excited. Especially given the talent assembled and plot synopsis for the first issue - and Rosenberg's confirmation that Clint Barton's deafness and use of hearing aids will be a part of the story, having been overlooked by many teams.

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Its a strange fact of superhero comics: almost every series starring Clint Barton in a lead role earns critical accolades, attracting some of the industry's top talent and delivering unwavering, strong characterization... only to earn sales lower than either fans or Marvel would wish. After the announcement was made, Rosenberg took to Twitter to answer fan questions, confirming it wasn't yet clear if Hawkeye: Freefall would be a limited miniseries or a new ongoing, and acknowledging an ongoing Hawkeye book remains a hard sell in today's market.

And that's even with Otto Schmidt's more-than-proven talent for illustrating archer superheroes (having launched DC's outstanding Green Arrow: Rebirth)! Fans can take a look at the very first cover set released for Hawkeye: Freefall #1 by artist Kim Jacinto below:

Hawkeye Freefall Comic Cover

Rosenberg fielded dozens of questions from fans online, and while he would not confirm nor deny the return of Hawkeye's classic purple uniform, he did offer a few teases of things to come. First, confirmation that "Clint is very much still deaf. His hearing aids are quite small (he lives in a world of Starktech after all), but he still wears them and it will be addressed." He also wouldn't dismiss an appearance from Black Widow, but warns that Clint has a new girlfriend (who isn't a superhero... exactly). And if there's even a chance Natasha is going to be invading Hawkeye's new series, then Rosenberg had to confirm Clint's recent partner Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier will be appearing in the series as well.

Although with the demonically-equipped Hood, a mysterious new Ronin giving Clint a bad name, and a deadly new mystery villain, the book is already looking to be a crowded story. Here's hoping the readers show up to give this Hawkeye series its full run when the first issue arrives in January. For now, read on for the full solicitation details and plot synopsis below:

  • Cover by KIM JACINTO
  • When a mysterious and ruthless new Ronin starts tearing a destructive path through the city, suspicion immediately falls on Hawkeye, but Clint has more to worry about than who’s wearing his old costume. After a clash with the Hood ends badly, Hawkeye gives himself a new mission that will place him in the crosshairs of one of New York's most dangerous villains.
  • Hawkeye's mission and Ronin's secret plans will set them on a collision course that only one of them will walk away from.

Hawkeye: Freefall #1 will arrive in January 2020.

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