Who The New Green Arrow Definitely ISN'T

Who is the new Green Arrow in Arrow season 7? The premiere didn't provide an answer tp the mystery, but it did rule out some major contenders.

UPDATE: The new Green Arrow's identity has been revealed.

Arrow season 7 has a new Green Arrow taking up Oliver Queen's bow. The Arrow premiere, "Inmate 4587", showed the new vigilante in action, yet we still have no idea who the replacement Emerald Archer is. However, we can start to eliminate some of the most likely suspects from the lengthy list of people who might have reason to see that there is still a Green Arrow around to save Star City.

The sixth season of Arrow ended on a down note, with Oliver Queen sacrificing himself for the sake of his city and his fellow vigilantes. In exchange for Oliver Queen's confession to a variety of federal charges, The FBI agreed to help Team Arrow take down crime-boss Ricardo Diaz and to drop all the charges against the rest of Star City's vigilantes. As the seventh season opens, it is revealed that every member of Team Arrow has abandoned their lives as superheroes and are working new jobs that allow them to help the community in other ways. The one exception to this is Felicity Smoak, who has gone into the Witness Protection Program with her stepson William and is now working as a barista in a town named Hope Springs.

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The new Green Arrow's presence is first revealed to the public in the Arrow season 7 premiere after he attacks a man named Jason Stent, who had been repeatedly accused of fraud, embezzlement, and racketeering. Stent is later revealed to be the supplier for a gun-running operation. All of the new Green Arrow's activities in the premiere episode centered around disabling Stent's operations and we see Stent's name being checked off of a list of criminals near the end of the episode.

Arrow The New Green Arrow Works On Making New Arrows

We know that Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez is not the new Green Arrow, as Rene is the first member of Team Arrow to witness the new Green Arrow in action. Rene just happens to be present, trying to stop one of his students from buying an illegal gun from one of Stent's dealers on the street, as the new Green Arrow shows up to subdue the gun-runners. We also know that it isn't Dinah "Black Canary" Drake, as she is seen leading the group of police officers who used one of Jason Stent's arms deals to lay a trap for the new Green Arrow.

It seems a safe bet that Felicity Smoak isn't the new Green Arrow, given that she isn't living in Star City anymore and lacks the combat skills necessary to fill the role. The same is probably true of Black Siren, who has no training as an archer and presumably has her hands full running the District Attorney's Office of Star City - a daunting task even if she were a qualified lawyer, instead of a supervillain pretending to be one. The possibility that Oliver Queen is sneaking out of his cell at night to continue saving his city might also be eliminated, but this eventuality wouldn't be the most unlikely thing to ever happen in the history of Arrow by a long shot.

It's hard to imagine the new vigilante's identity will be kept under wraps for long, but with a long list of potential candidates (including the possibility of it being a character we haven't even met yet), it may be a few episodes yet before we find out who's under that hood.

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