Spider-Man: Homecoming Actor Wants to Star in DC's New Gods Movie

Logan Marshall-Green has expressed interest in starring in DC's New Gods film, and director Ava DuVernay has responded. Created by Jack Kirby in the 1970s, the New Gods were a fictional race of super beings which often appear in different corners of the DC Universe. Not only are the New Gods key members in the comic books, but they will actually be appearing in a live action DC film which may or may not be in the DC Extended Universe.

DuVernay is most known for directing the Oscar-nominated film Selmawhich depicted the chronicles of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. She also worked with Disney directing A Wrinkle in Time and she will now be working with Warner Bros. as the director for New Gods after she requested to direct the film. Few announcements have been released for the film besides DuVernay's involvement and Kario Salem being hired as a writer, but the film already has someone vying to play Mister Miracle.

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Previously appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Jackson Brice, aka. Shocker #1, Marshall-Green is currently not contracted to appear in any other films. The actor may just be looking for a job but he took to Twitter to announce his interest in the character Mister Miracle. Mister Miracle is known for being an immortal, an inventor, and an escape artist among other things. You can read his full tweet below.

Since Marshall-Green tagged DuVernay in his tweet, it was brought to her attention, and she responded with a GIF of the actor. See her tweet below.

Marshall-Green may have previously been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but his character was unfortunately disintegrated by Adrian Toomes. It's not uncommon for an actor to switch between Marvel and DC especially if they are not in a huge role. Things may be looking up for Marshall-Green especially since DuVernay actually took the time to respond to his tweet with a GIF of his character from Ridley Scott's PrometheusAfter all, this wouldn't be the first time an actor has gotten a role thanks to social media.

After Justice League's critical failure, DC has been focusing on revamping the franchise and focusing on director's passion projects in order to make their live-action extended universe. New Gods seems to be a passion project for DuVernay and having a cast who is equally excited about the film could make all the difference. No characters have yet been confirmed to appear in New Gods but Mister Miracle could possibly be included especially if there is an actor so enthusiastic to play the role.

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Source: Logan Marshall-Green/Twitter, Ava DuVernay/Twitter

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