Darkseid & The Furies Confirmed for DC's New Gods Movie by Ava DuVernay

Darkseid and The Furies will be in DC's New Gods movie, according to director Ava DuVernay. Warner Bros. and DC Films currently have five films in the DCEU confirmed to be on the way, with release dates set through 2022, but they're developing many more. One of these is New Gods, an adaptation of the Jack Kirby creations that'll be helmed by acclaimed filmmaker DuVernay. The New Gods are incredibly powerful beings from New Genesis and Apokolips.

DuVernay's been attached to the film since last spring, but it now appears to be her primary focus after the release of When They See Us on Netflix. Movement on New Gods has picked up as of late, with Tom King, who won an Eisner Award for his Mister Miracle comic series, joining the project as a writer. He's working with DuVernay now to bring the cosmic concepts and characters to life. It's expected that the movie will heavily incorporate the love story between Mister Miracle and DuVernay's favorite DC character, Big Barda. Now, she's confirmed some other major New Gods characters will be involved.

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During an AMA on Twitter, DuVernay was flooded with hundreds of questions, and quite a few of them pertained to her upcoming DC movie. The topic of other characters who could appear in New Gods came up repeatedly, and Ava responded to ones related to possible roles for The Furies, who were previously rumored, and Darkseid. As can be seen below, she confirms that they'll all be in New Gods.

The Furies and Darkseid are all staple characters in the New Gods stories and mythos. The Furies are an all-female warrior group from Apokolips who serve Darkseid, the leader of the planet. His faithful group of warriors are trained by Granny Goodness, a ruthless fighter and leader. Big Barda's alignment with The Furies has changed depending on the circumstances, as she's both led the team and fought against them. The original team members of The Furies include Bernadeth, Lashina, Mad Harriet, and Stompa, but Ava's confirmation that the group is in New Gods does not mention whether or not this is her planned lineup.

The inclusion of Darkseid meanwhile is a substantial one for New Gods. While he's a prominent character in the comics, it wouldn't have been too surprising if he didn't have a role in the movie. Darkseid is DC's equivalent to Thanos, so it would've been understandable if WB and DC shied away from including him after Thanos' significant roles in the last two Avengers films. But, they appear to have no fears of such comparisons, and that's for the best. New Gods may not even hit theaters for a few years, so Thanos' big-screen roles could be several years old by the time Darkseid makes his DC debut.

DuVernay confirming The Furies and Darkseid for New Gods should go a long way in letting fans know she and King are faithfully adapting the property, but also paves the way for the movie to become a franchise of its own. The Furies, Darkseid, Big Barda, and Mister Miracle aren't single film characters. They're capable of being the cornerstones of an entire cosmic event. With Steppenwolf and the Mother Boxes introduced in Justice League, some groundwork for New Gods has already been laid, and it seems like DuVernay is ready to run with the concept moving forward.

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Source: Ava DuVernay

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