New Girl: The 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb)

New Girl was a hilarious sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel that ran for seven seasons. With that many episodes, not all can be winners.

New Girl was massively successful during its seven-season run and contained tons of hilarious episodes and memorable narratives. However, not every single episode was a keeper.

The popular movie and TV website IMDb has assigned every episode of New Girl a star rating. This score is based on a weighted average created by the votes of registered users on a scale of 1 to 10. What we'll be doing here is compiling the lowest-rated episodes into one list.

But before we dive into the least-loved episodes, we're sending a nod to the other episodes with a 7.2 rating that are slightly more popular, and therefore missing out on an entry. "Neighbors," "The Box," "Sister II," and "Swuit" — you almost made the cut.

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With that said, here are the worst episodes of New Girl according to IMDb.

10 Sam, Again (7.2)

This Season 5 episode has Jess attempting to snag a new position at a progressive school. However, things don’t go as planned when she learns that the principal is in a relationship with her doctor ex-boyfriend, Sam.

Schmidt is meanwhile going to drastic measures to keep himself from catching a cold before his giant presentation. This isn’t easy when Nick comes down sick.

“Sam, Again” is moderately funny, and it was smart of the writers to bring back one of Jess' memorable boyfriends. However, it’s not one of those drop-dead hilarious episodes.

9 300 Feet (7.2)

"300 Feet," which continued the narrative of the other Season 5 episode we just discussed, has Jess dealing with the restraining order given to her by Sam. In an attempt to get herself free of it, she enlists Winston's advice. Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt get frustrated by the new fad bar that opens up down the block and conspire to bring it down.

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This was another one of those sleepy episodes that, while fine, had no defining stand-out characteristic or gag that had us wanting more.

8 Dress (7.2)

Jess works hard to make a few last-minute changes to Cece's bridal gown in this Season 5 episode. Nick's relationship with Reagan grows rocky when he can't even muster up the courage to ask her on a date, and Aly and Winston face issues of their own, as they attempt to keep their dating life separate from their work life.

"Dress" had a few decent concepts to work with, but its memorability remains low. It felt like a filler episode more than a main event.

7 Es Good (7.2)

The gang tackles all sort of relationship ups and downs in this Season 6 episode. While Nick helps Schmidt earn the house contractor’s respect, Jess and Robby figure out their new dating life and Winston and Cece ponder the greatness and awfulness of being single.

Though the episode had potential, it just didn’t come out that interesting. The classic Winston-Cece-mess-around was blander than usual, and the other plotlines were somewhere between funny and “meh.”

6 Rumspringa (7.2)

Straight out of Season 6, this episode has Jess preparing for her new job as principal by stress-mending her blazer. Schmidt realizes the nerves are getting to her and proposes that they go on a "Rumspringa," which is something Nick used to do for Schmidt before a test.

Meanwhile, Winston and Rhonda work through their divorce. This could be easy, except for the fact that a whole load of pranks gets tied into the matter and Aly is getting tired of them.

Sure, the episode had its gags. None of them were memorable.

5 Godparents (7.2)

This Season 7 episode was all about the children. While Winston and Aly debate who should become the godparent of their child, Nick tries to get along with Ruth. Meanwhile, Schmidt goes back to work and Cece tries her hand at being a stay-at-home mom.

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The episode had its adorable moments, but it suffered from the Season 7 curse — being more of a tack-on episode rather than a major story progressor.

4 Bells (7.1)

The first season of sitcoms usually has both the writers, and subsequently the character,s still figuring out their voices. As shows develop, so do the narratives, and being that “Bells” came early on, it suffered from lack of a solid vision.

This episode had Jess struggling to keep her handbells students engaged and Winston stepping in to teach them how to play. Meanwhile, Nick and Schmidt work not together to fix the toilet.

Though the episode was cute, it definitely lacked characters who fully knew who they were.

3 A Father’s Love (7.1)

Season 2 saw Nick’s father coming to visit him out of nowhere. Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t trust him, being that he’s known for his ways as a con-man. Also unfortunately, Jess does trust him in an attempt to fix the guys’ relationship.

The subplot has Schmidt and Robby working together to win Cece back. As funny as this was, the episode as a whole just didn’t have the spark of others before it.

2 Tuesday Meeting (7.1)

This Season 7 episode had everyone in the loft working hard for what they believed in…well, sorta. Jess and Cece get drunk over lunch and set out to demand that Jess be given more power at her new job under Russell. Schmidt works hard to get his daughter Ruth to fall asleep, and Nick continues to rack his brain for new book ideas.

“Tuesday Meeting” was fun but definitely not memorable. Being that the story of Season 7 was packed into a tight handful of episodes, the funny, natural narratives of earlier seasons were not as easily explored.

1 Hubbedy Bubby (6.5)

The lowest-rated episode of New Girl, which took place at the beginning of Season 6, had Schmidt and Cece trying to recruit voters for the presidential election. It poked fun at the actual election happening in 2016 and hinted that Jess and Cece would be voting for Clinton and Schmidt would be saving his Republican vote to support Paul Ryan in 2020.

Though the episode was funny and not overly pushy in one direction or the other, there was, of course, people who felt that the show’s political voice came off too strong. That makes us believe this is why Hubbedy Bubby, while not the best of episodes (but also not the worst) came out on the bottom.

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