New Girl: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Although New Girl ended no more than a year ago, we already miss the wild adventures and quirky mishaps between Schmidt, Nick, Cece, Winston, and Jess. We miss the way Nick moonwalked his way out of awkward situations. We miss Schmidt shouting "YOUTHS" anytime he felt let down by the young people of America.

New Girl is a series that embraces the idea that we never really grow up despite our "adulting" jobs and 401-k's. The Fox series teaches us that at the end of the day, what really matters is being able to embrace your most authentic self with the people you care about most, even if that authentic self is far from what society considers socially acceptable. As the series came to an end, there were a few questions we were dying to have answered and were never resolved. What were these questions we craved to have answers for? Read the list below to find out!

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'True American' is the made-up drinking game invented by the loft gang. It involves lots of exciting and quirky elements that look incredibly amusing despite the fact that we as viewers never fully understand them. True American is ultimately the game that bonds the loft in a way that is extremely unique to both the friend group in apartment 4D and to the series itself. Although we may never know how to play this captivating drinking game, it gives hope to viewers that no matter how old you get, you can always let out your inner child and enter into playful mode when you're surrounded by the right people.


We all remember Jess's crazy sister Abby who was played to perfection by Dead To Me's Linda Cardellini. Her character was the rebellious, knife-juggling contrast to Jessica's doe-eyed rainbows and sunshine quirk. Ultimately, her character was created to give us a more in-depth look at Jess's personal life outside of the loft.

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Despite the fact that Abby was given two full episodes as the main focus and leading role, the character seemingly poofed away out of thin air and was never mentioned again. Although this is somewhat common on TV shows to have siblings disappear out of nowhere when they are no longer of use to the series, it seems odd that she never showed up to important family events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and most notably, Jess's wedding. Shouldn't it be a bigger deal that Jess's own sister was not invited?


After Aly gives birth to a little boy, Winston is set on naming their kid Dan-Bill. Not Dan, with Bill as his middle name, but straight up "Dan-Bill". He decided on this name while Aly was asleep. Although New Girl sets up a universe that is chock-full of quirky characters with quirky names (remember Bearclaw?) it seems highly unrealistic that tough-willed Aly would be okay with Dan-Bill as a name for her son. So what do they go on to name him? Do they name him Ferguson after Winston's recently diseased cat and confidant? We want answers!


The one thing this whole planet can agree upon is that Ruth is a glorious addition to mankind. She meow's when she feels like it. She believes with all her heart that the color green is actually called "Denise". She has the world's greatest insults to throw Nick Miller's way.

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If anything, she is the best written female character in the history of New Girl (which is saying a lot considering the show's title.) We know, as well as the rest of the characters do, that Ruth will one day become someone extremely important to society as we know it. Will she become the president of the United States as Schmidt and Cece predict? What will become of her? These are questions we desperately want to know!


One of the most hilarious running gags on New Girl is Winston's obsession with pulling elaborate pranks on his friends that are either way too anti-climactic (he puts a blueberry in Schmidt's cereal) or waaay too far (he marries a random woman to prank himself. He lists Nick as a sex offender.) The real question is, does Winston ever find a healthy balance with his classic mess-arounds? Now that he has a child, we should hope his pranks don't go too out of hand that will risk putting Dan-Bill in danger. You know, they don't call him 'Prank Sinatra' for nothing...


In the words of Nick Miller, "You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol, you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. It's science." As we know from the second to last episode when Winston and Schmidt do a pre-wedding roast for Nick, they call him an alcoholic, proving that even after he's gotten everything he's ever wanted in life (his dream girl and dream career) he still heavily relies on alcohol.

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Does this stick after he and Jess have a kid? What becomes of Nick's liver? Does he ever grow up from his caveman-esque persona? We hope the answer is yes, but in all truth, this is Nick Miller we're talking about. He's the type of guy to panic order $200 worth of Chinese food. He eats literal garbage because it has chocolate on it. He doesn't know the definition of "laundry" and he most likely will never care to know. Does he ever grow up? Does he quit it with the boos?


This one is up to the individual viewer because there are a handful of people out there who will argue that Jess and Nick are the perfect couple and represent "relationship goals." Although there is admittedly fantastic chemistry between the two of them and although they seem to truly love and care for one another, adult relationships require more than love and chemistry to function for eternity. The fact of the matter is, Jess is the type of person who desperately wants to fix people while Nick truly doesn't want to be fixed (although he desperately needs to be.) Are we just supposed to believe that these problems will all go away after they get married?


As we know from the last season on New Girl, Cece is one awful person to be around when she is with child. Especially to Schmidt, who she treats awfully as he coddles her in return. Although this is a sitcom and the unhealthy dynamic between the two is meant to be comedic, in reality, Cece's treatment towards Schmidt would be considered downright abusive.

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We learn that Cece wants to get pregnant again with Schmidt, and Schmidt is (rightfully) terrified that she will become a hormonal monster again if this happens. Will her next pregnancy result in smooth sailing or is this just fantasy?


As we know, Jess is passionate about being a teacher. She loves being able to help others and finds it to be extremely rewarding. As the series progresses, we find this passion dwindling out in a way that is rather unsatisfying considering how much she seemed to love the job in the earlier seasons. In the final season, she works for her ex-boyfriend Russell and finds her job to be abysmal. Then right before Jess's wedding, Russell confesses his love for Jess and tries to convince her not to marry Nick. What will Jess end up doing for work after this incredibly awkward interaction with her boss? Chances are they won't be able to work together anymore after this incident, so what will Jess now do for a living?


As we learn in the final moments of the New Girl finale, Jess and Nick were never actually evicted from their loft. It was all an elaborate prank created by the one and only Prank Sinatra himself, Winston "Birdshirt" Bishop. A classic Winston mess around. Too far? Totally. But it leaves us wondering, will Nick and Jess choose to stay in the loft that they had so much history in?

Where they fell in love and kissed for the first time? Chances are, the answer is no considering the fact that the moving van continues forward away from the loft, but will they potentially decide to turn the car around and go back to the place where they first met? After all, their loft is the cornerstone that bonds Schmidt, Cece, Jess, Nick, and Winston.

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