New Girl: 5 Characters Who Deserve Spin Offs (& 5 Who Don't)

New Girl will always have a special place in our hearts, even though the seventh and final season came to a close in 2018. Every one of these characters is quirky, dynamic, and totally absurd, hilarious, and lovable. We know you have your favorite characters, and you probably also have your least favorite ones.

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Since this comedy series has unfortunately come to an end, we're praying for some spin-offs of these amazing characters. So, we've made a list of the 5 characters that deserve their own show, and 5 that could probably be skipped.

10 Don't Deserve: Aly Nelson

While we totally ship Aly and Winston's relationship, we're not sure we love everything about Aly's character. Yes, we support her fire and her strength, and she's definitely got enough determination and spunk for literally everyone everywhere. Still, we're not sure we'd follow a show just based on this bombshell. Sure, she and her sister have quite the interesting relationship, but we think we'd probably get pretty annoyed pretty fast. We love you Aly, but we'd like to leave you behind as the badass cop that you were on this lovable show.

9 Deserve: Schmidt

This is probably a no-brainer. Sure, we'd love to see a spin-off of him and Cece and their cute little family, but we'd probably take any kind of show with this character. Schmidt never ceases to amaze us, and he has very interesting personality traits that almost seem way too absurd to go together.

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However, that's probably why we find everything he says to be absolutely hilarious, regardless how offensive it probably is. We love that he's tied down to the brilliant and beautiful Cece, but we're accepting any and all screen-time with Schmidt.

8 Don't Deserve: Winston Bishop

Again, we're so sorry to have to say this, but Winston is probably best as Winston alongside this crew. He's humble, sweet, totally weird, and we love him to bits. However, we're not sure we could handle a whole series of ridiculous Winston jokes and horribly executed plans. We like to think he and Aly are living happily ever after somewhere amazing, but we'd like to just keep that idea untouched in our heads. We love you Winston, but you're not our favorite Winston. There, we said it.

7 Deserve: Nick Miller

This is also a no-brainer. We don't care what you think about the show, you could relate to at least half of the Nick Miller memes floating around on the internet, right? This man is hilarious, but totally sweet. He's grown the most as a character throughout the show, and we would love a spin-off about his life as an author, making it big. Of course, we wouldn't mind a little romance with the beautiful Jessica Day, either. Still, we think this man's story is far from over, and we would be honored to laugh our ways through the rest of it.

6 Don't Deserve: Reagan

We love Megan Fox. Uh, we mean, Reagan. This character has fire, strength, and definitely some powerful independence. We actually kind of liked the introduction of her character, as much as we were all still rooting for Jess and Nick.

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While we think her character is totally capable of growth, we're not sure that it would be super entertaining to watch on our screens. We love Reagan, and we think she was great for Nick's growth, but we think it should probably just be left at that.

5 Deserve: Coach

Coach deserted us for a while before he made his iconic return to the show. This is another character that has many layers, and we loved seeing them unravel throughout the course of the series. From a tough exterior to a soft-hearted man, we'd totally love to see what life is like for Coach outside of the loft. He's hilarious, likable, and we think he'd have some pretty interesting stories of romance, career, and life itself. We definitely think this man's life would be a roller-coaster, but one that's totally wholesome and hilarious. We love you, Coach.

4 Don't Deserve: Sam Sweeney

Sam has a good heart, and honestly, bless his soul. Still, we're not entirely sure we could get behind a whole show with this character. He's sweet, and definitely interesting (like a child doctor, what?), but other than that, he falls kind of flat. He was an intriguing addition to the show, but again, we're probably going to stop it there. He helped Jessica's character come along, and that was about his sole and final purpose. No hard feelings, man, you have a heart of gold, and you're definitely a heartthrob.

3 Deserve: Cece Parekh

We think we could get behind a show about Cece. Sure, we'd love it to be joined with Schmidt's spin-off, but either way, we think this character is worthy of the spotlight. She's fierce, independent, and also grew a whole lot as a character. We'd love to learn more about her family, her religion, and see where her career goes as a model agent.

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She has a lot of potential, plus, she's a bombshell of a mom. We think this would make for some pretty interesting television, and we're here for it. Cece is strong as hell, and we love that about her, and we'd love to follow her life.

2 Don't Deserve: Robby

While we almost put Robby on the other side of this list, he didn't quite make the cut. We love Robby, like, what's not to love about this sweet and wholesome man? Still, that's pretty much all there is to know about him, so we don't think a show centered around him would be very enthralling. Again, there's no hard feelings here, because we would be best friends with Robby any day. We think it's probably just for the best for him to remain the pinnacle of sweetness on this lovable show.

1 Deserve: Jessica Day

Yeah, we know this show is already about her, but we would definitely love some more about Jessica's new life. As a high school principal, and possible continued girlfriend of Nick Miller's, we'd fall in love with her all over again in another series about this dynamic and quirky woman. She has made us laugh time and time again, and we actually think Jess is totally inspiring. We'd be more than happy to binge more life events of hers, with all its absurdity and train-wreck humor. Team Jessica Day forever.

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