New Girl Season 7: Finale & Twist Ending Explained

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New Girl season 7 brought the popular sitcom to a close, so how did things pan out for Jess and Nick in the end? New Girl debuted in 2011 and focused on teacher Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel (500 Days Of Summer), who moves into a new loft. The show focuses on her relationships with strange new housemates as they struggle to become mature adults.

New Girl quickly attracted a fanbase due to its smart writing and Deschanel's winning central performance. The show also provided Jake Johnson with his breakout role, and he would later appear in Jurassic World and voice Peter B. Parker in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It was confirmed in 2017 that New Girl season 7 would bring the series to a close, so fans were eager to see how things would pan out between Jess and Nick, who had an on-again, off-again romance throughout the series.

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Thankfully, the final two episodes of New Girl gives fans the happy ending they were hoping for. After a long engagement, Jess and Nick get married in the second last episode "The Curse of the Pirate Bride." Naturally, the wedding is far from a  smooth affair, with Jess hurting her eye and forced to wear an eyepatch, and after Winston's wife Aly goes into labor before the ceremony, Nick and Jess end getting married at the hospital instead.

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The New Girl season 7 finale "Engram Pattersky" finds Nick, Jess and the rest of the gang, including Winston, Schmidt, and Cece, hanging out in the loft together one last time. They've been served an eviction notice, so Jess uses this as a chance to get nostalgic about the loft where so much has happened over the course of seven seasons. It's a funny, sometimes emotional episode, but a twist ending reveals they weren't really served an eviction notice at all - it was just Winston playing a weird prank on them. He reveals the eviction notice from "Engram Pattersky" is really an anagram for "My Greatest Prank".

Since Jess and Nick have come to terms with the idea of leaving the loft for good, they decide to move to their new place anyway. There's also a flash forward shown during the New Girl season 7 finale of the gang playing their famous drinking game True American together with their own kids, with root beer in place of actual beer. This confirms they all stayed friends in the years ahead, and that everybody is happily married.

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