Fox Pulls 'New Girl' From October Schedule

New Girl - Zooey Deschanel

With only three episodes airing since its September premiere, Fox has decided to pull this week’s episode of New Girl of its television schedule and put the show on a brief hiatus until the beginning of November.

Replacing Zoey Deschanel’s breakout hit will be extended episodes of The X Factor and coverage of the MLB playoffs and World Series.

Initially set on airing its fourth episode this week, entitled “Naked” (which is hilarious, by the way), Fox has cited the decision behind pulling this week’s episode was to allow The X Factor to air extended episodes, where the judges will be making the final decisions for their respective category.

Fear not, Deschanel fans, as New Girl is completely safe on Fox. Shortly after its premiere, Fox decided to order a full season of the series. And, for the most part, its ratings have been more than acceptable.

This change in schedule would appear to be a move to both help New Girl and The X Factor. With word being that the upcoming episodes of The X Factor are compelling enough to require additional airtime, Fox is looking to give their new Simon Cowell enterprise the best possible platform it can.

New Girl - Zooey

When it comes to New Girl, the general shift in tone from the previously aired episode, entitled “Wedding”, to the aforementioned “Naked” episode presents the perfect opportunity to halt the series, without having to worry about leaving any character stories lingering for a lengthy period of time.

Additionally, when the MLB playoffs and World Series comes along, New Girl would have been taken off the schedule anyways. So, with such a terrific episode already in the can, and November sweeps coming up, it’s best to hold off until that time.

Not to mention the return of Bones on November 3, which would allow fox to put some wonderful Deschanel-sisters marketing in place.


New Girl returns November 1 on Fox

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