New Girl: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

New Girl has seen the formation of many relationships, some of them much more beloved by fans than others!

New Girl is the perfect example of a successful rom-com TV series where it is refreshingly just as funny as it is filled with romance. What more could you ask for in a sitcom? The central themes throughout Elizabeth Meriwether's series have to do with romantic relationships and how we don't always end up with the person that we have always pictured ourselves with.

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Which were some of the best couples on New Girl that fans were totally behind? Which relationships on the series could fans not stand? Read on to find out!


It's safe to say that Nick and Jess have a "groovy kind of love" on New Girl. Although these two may be total opposites, (Jess can't go a day without touching glitter and Nick prefers drinks that only a coal miner would enjoy), it is because of their opposing personalities that they are able to teach each other how to grow in an effort to become more well-rounded people.

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They may get into silly arguments but this only adds to the passion that Jess has always wanted in her romantic life. They are pretty much the quintessential relationship on New Girl and their relationship is one of the many highlights of the series.


Although Jess and Russel by no means had a terrible relationship, it lacked the passionate spark that Jess was so desperate to find. Russel had already gone through the firey ringer with his ex-wife when it came to having an overly heated relationship and he didn't want to repeat the cycle again with Jess. This is pretty understandable considering his relationship with his ex was one hot mess, so there is no one to blame in this situation. They both just required different things out of their romantic lives, and that's totally okay.


New Girl Cece Schmidt

How could anyone on earth not root for Schmidt and Cece aka Schmece? They were one of the most important romances in the series and the best part about their relationship was how hilarious it often was to watch unfold. Watching Schmidt run around trying to impress Cece and sweep her off her feet was always insanely funny to watch yet at the same time it was heartwarming.

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He knew he wanted to marry her from the moment he met her and Cece fell in love with his passionate honesty when it came to his feelings for her. Plus, let it be acknowledged that these two created the greatest kid of all time, Ruth Bader (of course named after Ruth Bader Ginsberg). They may hit some bumps in the road but in the end, they are the perfect pair.


Shelby was an awesome woman on New Girl and we totally appreciated her punny "reigning cats and dogs" Halloween costume. Yet unfortunately, Winston was (for some reason) unable to appreciate this woman for who she was and they decided to call quits. On Halloween, he was disappointed with Shelby's costume because he wanted her to dress in something sexy instead, and because of this, they decide they weren't right together.

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What doesn't make sense to us is the fact that this totally goes against Winston's character, at least in the later seasons where is absolutely obsessed with cats like no man we've ever seen before. The more developed Winston would probably adore Shelby's "reigning cats and dogs" costume, but unfortunately, him dumping her over this just paints him in a bad light.


While Nick and Schmidt had a bit more focus on the series when it came to their love lives, many of us fans were dying to know when Winston would finally meet "the one" and live happily ever after. It took time for Winston to find her, but when he did, it became one of the most beloved couples on the show. Winston and Aly started off as co-workers so their romance was pretty much forbidden, and of course, this only adds to the passion. Eventually, they admitted their feelings for one another and they had a perfectly healthy relationship.


While Zooey Deschanel was on maternity leave, Megan Fox became the replacement "New Girl", and while replacements usually tend to mess shows up, Fox's role in the series surprisingly worked. Although Nick and Reagan started off as a couple with promise, things took a turn for the worst when Reagan was unable to express any form of emotional intimacy as much as she tried to. In a way, Reagan and Nick were too similar to work out in the long run. Both were cold, both were afraid of commitment, and both were pretty laid back. This is why Nick and Jess work better because they are able to challenge one another.


Despite the fact that Schmidt and Cece are an amazing couple, some fans believed Schmidt and Elizabeth should've ended up together instead. This is because Elizabeth was able to bring out the best side of Schmidt and she was in love with him before he had lost all the weight. The two dated throughout college and they were able to be their honest and authentic selves with each other. In Schmidt's relationship with Cece, it feels as though Schmidt is often trying to be someone he is not in order to impress her. With Elizabeth, he doesn't have to impress her because she likes him just the way he is. Plus, fans thought it would've been nice for Schmidt to choose the plus-sized girl for once over the model.


Although Sam was quite the looker (not to mention a doctor), Jess and Sam weren't really able to connect on a deeper level throughout their time together. Sure, he was a nice guy for the most part, but that wasn't enough to last a lifetime for Jess. She needed more stimulation in her relationship outside of the bedroom. Plus, that whole kiss scene with Nick went on while Jess was with Sam and it screwed everything up, making the relationship between Jess and Sam feel a lot more like a plot device than an actual couple.


Although Daisy only stuck around for a couple of episodes, there was something about her chemistry with Winston that kept fans hooked. Daisy would wear an engagement ring while out to bars so she wouldn't get hit on, so at first Winston and Daisy started off as friends. Daisy confesses during a game of True American that she isn't actually engaged, and she encourages Winston to try moves on her.

When he does, they instantly have a connection. Fans wanted these two together, because who wouldn't want to see Brenda Song as a reoccurring character on New Girl? It's always a bonus to see Disney stars unleashed from the constraints of their squeaky clean roles as they get to actually play characters their age.


Nadia was easily one of the most hilarious characters on the history of the series. Her character satirized certain models in the business who tend to be socially inappropriate and stuck up. Yet despite the fact that she was insanely funny as a character and we wanted her to stick around more on the show, this did not mean anyone wanted Nadia and Schmidt to work as a couple. They had only gone on one date and it ended in total disaster. In fact, it was so bad, Schmidt ended up in the hospital because she broke his special parts.

What's your favorite couple on New Girl?

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