New Girl: Nick’s Love Interests, Ranked

Even though Jess is the titular character of New Girl, the Fox sitcom gave the rest of the cast plenty of relationships to deal with. Nick Miller is particular had multiple love interests throughout the show before he ultimately ended up with the girl of his dreams. We're here to take a look at them all and determine which ones were bad and which ones had potential.

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News flash: Most of the women Nick dated weren't that great. But you can hold out for the happy ending, right? Get ready to party through the past with all your favorite loft mates.

Here is a definitive ranking of Nick's girlfriends.

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8 Shane

In the episode “Quick Hardening Caulk" (S2E19), Nick begins picking up more responsibilities at the bar and working harder, which is highly attractive to Jess. Nick blames his actions on his new boss, Shane — who Jess soon learns is a woman.

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The relationship doesn’t last long, when Jess, under the influence of meds, expresses interest in getting intimate with Nick. He presumably cuts off his fling with Shane, and that very same episode, he and Jess become an item. There was never any hope here.

7 Caroline

Caroline was Nick’s serious girlfriend whom he was madly in love with before Jess moved into the apartment. Though they had broken up, he still had feelings for her, and much of Season 1 sees Nick trying to grapple with his lingering emotions.

He eventually decides to move in with Caroline in the season finale, “See Ya” (S1E24), but returns to the loft with his moving truck after having ultimately ended things with her.

Honestly, Caroline's not that great of a person for always keeping Nick on her back burner. We all know Nick Miller is too good to be anyone’s backup plan, and that’s why she’s definitely not the best of his girlfriends.

6 Kai

Nick and Tran have a one-of-a-kind friendship, which causes Nick to become thrilled when he learns he has a granddaughter. They begin to date, though the loft worries that she is homeless and really just wants to use Nick as a sugar daddy.

Nick starts to believe this, too, until Kai brings him to her nice apartment and pays Nick to not go to work at the bar and hang out with her instead.

When Nick has a change of heart and becomes serious about his career, she cuts things off because she likes doing nothing with him. She probably wasn’t the healthiest person to be in a relationship with.

5 Amanda

Amanda is a woman Nick works with at the bar. Although he has a difficult time determining when she’s being serious and when she’s kidding, he decides to ask her out. However, when Jess walks in on Nick dancing in his bedroom naked to some groovy music, he becomes insecure about any other woman seeing him in the same state.

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When Nick finally gets over his irrational fears, he brings Amanda back to his room only to soon discover that Jess was hiding out unclothed to make things even with Nick, at the advice of CeCe. All in all, his relationship with Amanda doesn’t end well, but his friendship with Jess does get mended.

4 Angie

Nick comes across a woman in the bar who is upset over having just broken up with her boyfriend. They hit it off and begin dating, however, when he learns of her risqué occupation and wild side, he becomes uncomfortable. Though he decides to take a chance on Angie in “Santa” (S2E11), she removes herself from the relationship in “Cabin” (S2E12) soon after flirting with Jess’ boyfriend, Sam.

They’re all staying at a cabin together in the woods, but Nick wakes up in the morning to find that Angie is gone and has simply left a note in her place. It was never meant to be.

3 Reagan Lucas

Reagan is a businesswoman who is professional and direct — two things Nick is not. Unfortunately, what they share, is the inability to open up to people. This adds lots of complications to their relationship, and toward the end, Nick starts wondering if he even really knows her.

Though Reagan and Nick’s relationship could have been worse, it was hard to truly enjoy it knowing that she was naturally holding Nick and Jess apart. If Nick and Jess’ past wasn’t a factor, Nick and Reagan might have been able to figure things out. We all know there were better things out there for him, and what he really needed was more excitement and less seriousness.

2 Julia Cleary

Julia is Nick’s romantic interest who is far more serious about life than him. She is a lawyer who has been through therapy for her anger management issues and is basically Jess’ complete opposite. In fact, it terrifies Jess when she learns that Julia is “not a dessert person.”

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Julia and Nick’s relationship is overall solid, if not a little scattered, and for a few episodes, it looks like they will have a future. However, things end when Julia sends Nick a cactus before heading on a business trip to China, and Nick thinks it means something and freaks out. This prompts Julia to actually break up with him when she realizes their relationship isn’t anything special.

1 Jess Day

Of course, you knew this was coming, but we’re still happy to look back on it. Though their relationship went through many ups and downs, Nick and Jess were always destined to be with each other — which is why it was so great when in Season 7 they finally sealed the deal by getting married.

Sure, they fight a lot and are different in pretty much every way, but at the end of the day, they’re best friends, and putting that friendship first has always kept them afloat. Jess is bubbly and sings a lot. Nick is down-to-earth and rough around the edges. But if opposites are meant to attract, these two are meant to be together forever.

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