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    New Girl Jess Day

    The beloved adorakable protagonist of New Girl, Jess Day, was romantically linked to tons of different guys over the course of New Girl's seven seasons. While some of these men were funny and attractive, others were total losers, and we're here to look at both types of guys.

    In this ranking, we'll be considering any man who could be considered one of Jess' love interests. That means any guys Jess had some flirtation could be making an appearance here even if they didn't formally date Jess.

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    With that said, it's time to head out to L.A. and revisit the history of Jess' best and worst relationships.

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  • 10 / 10

    Spencer is Jess' longtime ex-boyfriend. They dated for six years and shared a home in L.A., though he ultimately cheated on her causing an abrupt end to their relationship.

    Spencer is the definition of "loser," always taking Jess' things from her and being an overall jerk. Despite his poor character, the breakup sends Jess into a relationship slump, and she works to get over him during much of Season 1.

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  • 9 / 10

    Though Matt and Jess don't date long, their relationship isn't a good one.

    She ends up chatting with Matt at the bar because she finds him highly attractive. However, even after he admits to her that he has a rare physical issue that could be a deal-breaker for some, she decides to keep dating him to prove to the guys that she's not superficial.

    The real problem isn't his medical issue so much as it is the fact that he is not a nice person at all. Things come to an end after Jess learns he has a girlfriend, which also earns Matt a spot in the loser category.

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  • 8 / 10

    When we first meet Berkley in Season 3, we're informed that this man used to date Jess. Though Jess and Berkley ultimately went their separate ways, it's revealed that the two remained friends throughout the years even though Berkley is now married and has a child.

    Nick doesn't believe women and men can remain friends after a breakup and tries to prove to Jess that Berkley still wants to be with her. She thinks Nick is crazy, though at the end of things, it turns out Nick was right all along.

    Though Berkley is a total jerk for being so willing to leave his wife, he ranks slightly higher on the love interest list only because he seems to have been a good boyfriend to Jess during their actual relationship. His okayness, however, does not last.

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  • 7 / 10

    Ted and Jess' relationship never goes anywhere beyond some flirtation, and that's probably a good thing.

    The gang heads to their last summer wedding at which Jess has her eyes on the best man. The problem is that a pretty and intelligent woman named Kat is also hoping to take him home.

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    Jess and Kat continue to compete with each other for Ted's affections, though despite being the most eligible guy at the reception, he's kind of boring. He also has an impossible time choosing between the two women at the end of things, causing them to both walk away and move on from him.

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  • 6 / 10

    We'll give this one to Robby: He's nice. However, there are multiple problems with this relationship.

    For one thing, it's kind of weird to date your best friend's ex even if they're no longer together. For another thing, it took a long while for a spark to form between the two. And finally, they are third cousins. That one can't be overlooked.

    This leads to the couple breaking up in "The Hike" (S6E14) and it was most definitely for the best.

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  • 5 / 10

    Paul was one of the music teachers at Jess' former school as well as her first boyfriend post-Spencer. Being full of energy and quirk, the guys quickly realize that Paul is like the male version of Jess.

    Paul and Jess' relationship begins soon after she invites him over to Thanksgiving dinner at the loft. Their romance has some uncomfortable and awkward moments, but they sort things out. The big problem comes when Paul tells Jess that he loves her and Jess realizes her feelings aren't up to speed.

    Though their relationship ends, they later spend the night together once more only for Jess to later learn he has a serious girlfriend. Bad move, bro.

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  • 4 / 10

    Now that we're out of the boring, cheating, cousin-boyfriend zone, we can move onto the guys who actually had a chance with Jess. Russell was one of these.

    Russel starts out as just another one of the parents as Jess' school. Though they at first find themselves at odds with each other, a romance starts to spark. The problem comes when Jess runs into Russell's ex-wife and realizes how fiery the relationship they shared together was. She wants something just as exciting but Russell wants something more solid, so the two part ways.

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    Russell makes a few more appearances later in New Girl, though these appearances have him aggravating the Nick-Jess relationship in one way or another.

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  • 3 / 10

    The Sam-Jess relationship has some major issues, mainly centered around a lot of lying and a lack of commitment.

    He and Jess begin a casual relationship in Season 2, but when Jess realizes she wants a boyfriend and not just a fling, things end... but only temporarily. Sam comes back and admits his feelings to Jess, but the two break up after he learns she and Nick kissed.

    The couple gets back together in Season 5 soon after Sam realizes he lost himself in his previous relationship. However, they end up breaking up again when Sam realizes there are lingering feelings between Jess and Nick and that he himself still has feelings for his old colleague from medical school.

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  • 2 / 10

    Ryan is kind and British. What's not to love?

    Jess first meets Ryan when he joins her middle school as the newest teacher. Though she is instantly attracted to him, she finds their relationship to be uncomfortable being that she is in a principal position. Despite her early hesitations, she eventually gives in to her feelings and the two begin to date.

    Ryan is everything Jess could have dreamed of. However, when Ryan ends up getting an offer for a new position in England, Jess decides to stay behind in L.A. This causes their relationship to fade away.

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  • 1 / 10

    Ah, Nick. Here you are.

    Jess' longest, most strung-out, wild relationship comes with none other than Nick Miller himself. The two begin flirting with each other in Season 1 and eventually end up marrying each other in Season 7, though getting there took a whole lot of work.

    Nick has his own issues and he and Jess are actually quite opposite of each other in terms of personality. In the end, though, they always come back to each other. The couple's undying friendship is what makes this relationship work.

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