New Girl: The 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

New Girl aired a total of 146 episodes on Fox during its seven-season run. While many of these were brilliant, some were better than others.

New Girl aired a total of 146 episodes on Fox during its seven-season run. While many of these were funny, heartwarming, and full of romantic tension, some were better than others. We decided to figure out which episode is most beloved by turning to IMDb for answers.

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The movie and TV show website has awarded every single episode of New Girl with a star rating. This ranking comes from the votes of registered users on a scale of 1 to 10. These are then used to compile a weighted average, and voila! A star rating is born.

Now that we have the criteria has been explained, it’s time to journey back to the loft and dive through a few fan favorites. Here are the highest-ranked episodes of New Girl according to IMDb.

10 Quick Hardening Caulk

Jess deals with her romantic interest in Nick in this Season 2 episode, while Schmidt figures out his own feelings for Cece via an elaborate metaphor involving a lionfish.

After Jess gets whammed in the jaw, she gets put on pain killers, which, unfortunately for her, lead her true feelings for Nick to spill out. This causes a whole lot of confusion for Nick when he becomes unsure whether real Jess or drugged-up Jess expressed her wishes to be with him.

The episode received an 8.4 score on IMDb.

9 Virgins

Each member of the loft reflects on the first time they “did it” in this Season 2 episode. The stories are told through a series of flashbacks, and outside of Cece’s, they’re all pretty awkward. The storytime ends with Nick and Jess finally embracing their romantic feelings for each other.

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Fans were happy to see the Nick-Jess romance finally continue in a major way. This had the episode earning an 8.5-star rating.

8 Prince

Jess and Cece receive an invitation to a party at the iconic Prince’s house in this Season 3 episode. The guys also want to come along and set their minds to sneaking in.

However, all of their plans get a little uncomfortable after Nick blurts out an “I love you” to Jess and she replies with finger guns.

Prince himself makes an appearance in this episode and helps the couple figure out their issues. Though the plot received mixed reviews from critics, fans loved the episode as a whole and gave it an 8.5-star rating.

7 Engram Pattersky

The final episode of the entire series has the gang dealing with the news that they are being kicked out of the loft. As they pack up, they reflect on all the great things that have happened there. They also, briefly, imagine what their future in the loft would have looked like.

In the end, the gang learns that the eviction notice they received was actually part of one of Winston’s elaborate pranks. However, they decide to move out and on anyway, embarking on a new phase of life.

This caused the episode to act as a nostalgic end to the series, earning it an 8.5-star rating on IMDb.

6 Elaine’s Big Day

This episode follows Cece’s wedding day and Schmidt’s plan to sabotage it. Things get complicated when Jess, who recently began dating Nick, mistakenly believes he is involved in causing the chaos at her best friend’s wedding. It’s also worth mentioning that Schmidt’s plan to get Winston (Mr. Prank Sinatra himself) involved only makes things worse.

Also, huge shout-out to the Taylor Swift for making a hilarious cameo in this one. All of this and more had the episode receiving an 8.5-star rating on IMDb.

5 Background Check

This Season 6 episode has Jess sent into a full-fledge freak-out when she believes she accidentally acquired meth alongside a garage sale purchase. She brings this up to the gang at the worst of all times: right before someone from the police academy is set to check out Winston’s living arrangements as part of his training.

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This causes all kind of craziness to ensue including an episode of Nick’s dramatic lie-sweating. The constant jokes secured this episode an 8.7-star rating.

4 Landing Gear

The final episode of Season 5 has Schmidt attempting to get Cece’s mom to come to his wedding to her daughter. Problem is, this effort almost has Schmidt missing his own big day.

Though Jess yet again realizes her feeling for Nick in this episode, he and Reagan begin a relationship with each other. This causes the stakes to jump even higher, and that, combined with the funny setup, cement this finale as an 8.8-star rated keeper.

3 Clean Break

Season 4’s finale saw Coach moving away to live with May. Being that the thought of leaving the gang behind is difficult for Coach, he decides to rid of everything that reminds him of the loft. Meanwhile, Schmidt discards everything he owns that has some connection to Cece. Did we mention that the sexual tension between Nick and Jess reaches an all-time high?

"Clean Break" pulled a 9.0 rating on IMDb and left fans excited for the next season.

2 Cooler

This hilarious Season 2 episode sees the guys going out for a big night without Jess, believing that she’s bound to kill the mood. However, things get crazy when during a game of True American back home, Nick and Jess are forced to kiss. The two are uncomfortable with the notion and avoid it at all costs... but only for a little while.

After the drinking game has ended, Nick gives Jess a real kiss, and boy — is it a good one. This left fans wanting more and giving the episode a 9.1 rating.

1 Five Stars For Beezus

The finale of Season 6 has Jess preparing to admit her true feelings to Nick. Meanwhile, Winston gets in touch with his father, Nick meets with the publisher, and Schmidt and Cece discover that they’re expecting. It is the highest-ranked episode on IMDb with a 9.2-star rating. It also featured perhaps the greatest elevator kiss in sitcom history.

The last scene was long-awaited and super satisfying, and if had been the finale to the entire series, it would have been okay. We’re thankful that the writers planned just in case because darn, “Five Stars For Beezus” is good.

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