Ghostbusters 3 Is (Really) Moving Forward

Did Hell just freeze over?

Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, co-executive producers and writers on TV's The Office and the forthcoming Harold Ramis-helmed comedy Year One, have been officially hired by Columbia Pictures to write Ghostbusters III.

Take a minute and let that settle in.

This is not just another in a long-line of internet BS rumors started by over-zealous fanboys. No, this comes from Variety.

However, before everyone starts jumping for joy, let us remember that our buddy Clint Morris over at Movie Hole recently talked about how a third installment would probably never happen because Harold Ramis isn't exactly on speaking terms with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

And the trades were also quick to point out deals have yet to be made with the likes of Ramis, Murray, Akyroyd and Ernie Hudson. The studio basically wants to see how good (or bad) this script is before committing hundreds of millions of dollars to it.

To be honest, getting Murray involved with the production would be nothing short of a miracle. It's been widely reported he's been one of the main road-blocks in the film getting made.

That, and apparently the issues over gross percentages among the cast and director Ivan Reitman. So you can expect that will be a major issue involved with getting all parties involved.

Nonetheless, this is an interesting development. If the stars align and this all works out, we could see Ghostbusters III on the silver screen in a few years.

The question is: Do people still care enough to turn out to see it?

Source: Variety

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