New Ghost In The Shell Anime Series Coming To Netflix

Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence Major

Netflix’s push to add more anime content to its already sizable library will soon include a new Ghost in the Shell series. In addition to the original manga, the popular franchise has already had numerous iterations, including animated films and TV shows, as well as the not-entirely-well-received live-action film starring Scarlett Johansson that was released in 2017. This new version will apparently makes use of “next-generation animation” to give the long-running franchise a little spit polish before it’s presented to the binge-watch crowd. 

This new Ghost in the Shell series comes on the heels of a recent Netflix announcement that made a lot of anime fans happy, as the service will bring the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series to its subscribers in 2019. That’s in addition to a new Ultraman animated series, as well as a live-action television series based on another popular anime, Cowboy Bebop, which, after years of speculation surrounding a live-action film version will likely be seen by some as the right decision and others as something of a consolation prize. 

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The announcement is part of Netflix’s successful content strategy — which, to put it mildly, seems to be for Netflix to have all of the content all of the time. So far, it’s worked pretty well for the streaming service, as it has more or less shrugged off the majority of its Marvel television series looking no worse for wear. As for the new Ghost in the Shell series, an official release had this to say: 

Motoko Kusanagi in Netflix Ghost in the Shell

“Ghost in the Shell is going to reborn by changing itself into a new form-- 3DCG. This time, Kenji Kamiyama and Production I.G will build a tag with Shinji Aramaki and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS, who had been brought Japanese 3DCG animation to the whole world by his pieces like "APPLESEED" series. It is a next-generation animation film and the first "GHOST IN THE SHELL" made by double directors.”

Though Netflix will certainly have an expansive catalog of new anime series for fans to enjoy in 2019 and beyond, it’s not the only game in town. Adult Swim and Crunchyroll are also adding a new animates series set in the world of Blade Runner, which, oddly enough, will also be produced by Sola Digital Arts. If nothing else, 2019 looks to be a good year for anime fans everywhere. 

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Ghost in the Shell does not have an official premiere date yet, but it is expected sometime in 2020.

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