There's Now a THIRD Flash in the DC Universe

Warning: SPOILERS for The Flash #49

A new Flash has entered the DC Universe and it's not one that anyone was expecting. DC Rebirth has restored the status quo when it comes to The Flash(es) in its universe. Since DC Rebirth #1, the title of Flash has been shared equally between Barry Allen and his former sidekick Wally West.

Currently though Barry and Wally have been at odds during the arc "Flash War." It's due to Barry and Wally's feud that has led to a huge shift in the state of all things speedster. A new Flash has born and he's an old, very villainous figure from Wally West's past.

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The Flash War started because Wally was drawn to the future by his old archnemesis, Hunter Zolomon A.K.A. Zoom. Zoom gave Wally back the memories of his children, Irey and Jai, and told Wally they were trapped inside the Speed Force. Hunter explained to Wally that the only way to get his children back was to break the Speed Force and that's exactly what Wally did in The Flash #49 ... kind of.

As anyone who has read a comic before or just has experienced a story can probably guess, following the advice of a villain doesn't give Wally his happy ending. Wally doesn't end breaking the Speed Force. He does, however, break the Force Barrier. However, this still doesn't bring Irey, Jai or anyone else back to the real world. Instead it gives Hunter Zolomon a whole host of new powers and transforms him from Zoom to the True Flash. At least that's what Hunter believes himself to be. The man is a little unstable.

As Zoom, Hunter Zolomon had his powers because he existed "outside" of time. As The Flash, Hunter is now much more than just super fast. Hunter doesn't have the Speed Force at his command but the Sage Force and the Strength Force. The Sage Force gives Hunter what appears to be some telekinetic powers and the Strength Force, obviousl,  gives him strength. In other words, Hunter Zolomon is the newest Flash but he's also much stronger than Barry or Wally.

The reason Hunter wants all this power is the same reason he's always desired power. Hunter wants to change his tragic past and give himself the "life he deserves." Hunter believes that he can be the hero that Barry and Wally never were as The Flash. Yet, if his glowing red eyes weren't a big enough clue, Hunter isn't motivated by as selfless causes as either of the previous Flashes. This won't go well for anyone but Hunter.

Obviously Hunter's stint as The Flash isn't going to last. The DC Universe has had multiple Flashes for years; not just with Barry and Wally but also with the original Flash, Jay Garrick, and Barry's grandson from the future, Bart Allen. It would be possible to balance three or more Flashes in the DC Universe, if one of them wasn't Hunter Zolomon. The Flash War will likely end with Wally working together with Barry once again to take down the monster of Wally own creation, the new Flash Hunter Zolomon. Hunter will be lucky if he gets a whole issue as The Flash.

The only real mystery is how much damage Hunter will do before Barry and Wally stop him. Hunter has clearly been planning this scheme for a long time and he played Wally to a tee. It would be a huge anticlimax if Flash War ends with Hunter putting his metaphorical tail between his legs and returning to the future (or his own time in the present). The DC Universe timeline is probably going to get just a little bit more mixed up by the time Hunter is done being The Flash.

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The Flash #49 is available now from DC Comics

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