New Earthworm Jim Game Coming From Original Team

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Earthworm Jim is making a surprise return to video games courtesy of a new release. The nineties icon, best known for the 1994 game of the same name and the 1995 television show, is making a comeback with the original development team in tow.

Although Earthworm Jim as a property has lain dormant for some time, its titular character is still one with plenty of fans. The off-the-wall humor and interesting art style of the original Genesis game saw plenty of success and ports across multiple platforms, leading to a string of other titles. While Earthworm Jim 2 was well received, the character's move to 3D in 1999 proved to be a stumbling block from which the IP never quite recovered.

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Earthworm Jim is now making a comeback, courtesy of Intellivision. As explained by the company today, ten of the original team for Earthworm Jim are getting back together to create a new game as an exclusive for the upcoming Intellivision Amico. More details about the project will be revealed as part of an Intellivision live streaming event that will be taking place on May 4.

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The game is set to be developed by the core team behind the original game. Included in this is Tommy Tallarico, who is now the CEO/President of Intellivision Entertainment but who was renowned for his soundtrack work in video games, including the original Earthworm Jim. Also involved is Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, although his involvement has caused questions due to the criticism that TenNapel has faced over homophobic and transphobic comments.

Something else that has raised eyebrows is the fact that the game is exclusive for the upcoming Intellivision console. Although Intellivision has an esteemed place in video game history, it remains to be seen as to whether Earthworm Jim fans will take the plunge en masse to get an untested device just to pick up a new title. Instead, it may depend on how the Intellivision Amico is shaping up and what else will be available on the platform.

At the moment, this Earthworm Jim project is scheduled to launch alongside the Intellivision Amico. The Amico, which will reportedly be a family-friendly console, is currently slated for a 2020 release date, meaning that it could be a little while yet before fans get to sit down with the title. However, more details about the project should be revealed within a few days.

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Source: Intellivision

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