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Dunkirk (2017)

With a filmography composed of some of the most ambitious mainstream films of this century (so far), Christopher Nolan has cultivated a reputation for himself that few other filmmakers have nowadays. Through his work on The Dark Knight trilogy or successful blockbuster films like Inception, Nolan's the kind of rare director in the industry right now capable of creating original, big-budget films that still manage to draw in large audiences, based purely on his name recognition. That kind of widespread appeal only looks to continue with the release of Dunkirk this summer.

The film marks Nolan's first foray into a wartime situation onscreen, as he works to bring one of the more miraculous stories from World War II to life in theaters. Less traditional than a typical war film, the movie will depict the events of the Miracle of Dunkirk/Operation Dynamo, a legendary evacuation planned by the British, which saved the lives of over 300,000 allied troops trapped in Dunkirk by the Nazis.

In case the anticipation surrounding Dunkirk wasn't enough already, the film also has a prime end of July release date. Very little footage from the film has been released so far, but a new report from Alberta Film Ratings indicates that a brand new trailer for Dunkirk is on its way. The trailer has been rated PG already, is stated as being 2 minutes and 25 seconds long, and is expected to be released sometime next week, which makes sense with how much time there still is before Dunkirk is officially released.

Dunkirk - Fionn Whitehead

Now, there was some cause for concern from fans of Nolan's when Dunkirk was confirmed to be rated PG-13, which led many to think that the filmmaker wouldn't be able to accurately capture the sense of horror and tension of war. But then Nolan came out and made it very clear that he doesn't consider Dunkirk to be a "war movie" either, even despite its wartime setting and situations.

In addition to the sheer scope of the story itself, Nolan is going out of his way to give Dunkirk as real and visceral a feel as possible, which means using IMAX cameras more than they ever have been before, in often revolutionary ways. So visually, Dunkirk has all the makings of being the breakout summer hit that so many moviegoers and film buffs are predicting it to be, having popped onto many of the most-anticipated films of the year lists, now all that's left to be seen is if its story and themes manage to live up to the technical, visual precision that the filmmaker brings to all of his work.

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Source: Alberta Film Ratings

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  • Dunkirk (2017) release date: Jul 21, 2017
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