New Doctor Who Promo Trailer: Bow Ties, Angels and Daleks

doctor who season six opening to film in the U.S.

As is common in the sci-fi series Doctor Who, the face of the doctor has changed again. This marks the 11th time the Doctor has “regenerated” and with him comes  a whole new wardrobe and companion. The series took a much needed shot in the arm back in 2005 when Christopher Eccleston took over the role as the Time Lord. After one good season, Eccleston passed his sonic screwdriver over to David Tennant who successfully handled the role for the next 4 years.

Now Matt Smith is in control of the Tardis and together with his newest companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillian, the two are set for another season of time traveling through space. A couple of weeks ago we posted the first teaser trailer for the upcoming 31st season of Doctor Who (5th season of the modern version) and it looks like a ton of fun.

The BBC has recently released another teaser for the show, which debuts Easter 2010 and I’ve got to say, I’m a bit disappointed. The first teaser gave so much more information regarding the upcoming episodes that the 2nd one sort of pales in comparison. I give them credit for being heavy handed on the green screen technology though.

We get a quick glimpse of the Doctor playing “mercy” with his companion Amy Pond, and a Weeping Angel, as well as getting surprised by a Dalek and all while recreating the skydiving scene at the end of Point Break.  Take a look below and then tell us what you think:

I’m really looking forward to catching the newest adventures but I must admit that I’m always wary when the actor playing the Doctor changes. I think writer/producer/director Neil Gaiman (Stardust) tweeted it best today when he said:

“You ALWAYS don't like the new Dr Who. It's a rule. You miss the last one. But after a few weeks (or less) he's the Doctor. It's inevitable.”

The first three episodes of the next season are as follows: "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below", both written by Steven Moffat, followed by "Victoryof the Daleks" written by Mark Gatiss.

What do you think about the newest bow tie wearing Doctor Who and his lovely companion Amy Pond? Are you looking forward watching the next season or are you getting tired of the show?

The new season of Doctor Who debuts Easter 2010.

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